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UK to explore issuing its own digital currency ’Britcoin’

UK to explore issuing its own digital currency ’Britcoin’

Amid a booming Bitcoin, the UK is setting its eyes on issuing its own digital currency. British finance minister Rishi Sunak told the Bank of England Monday to look at the case for a new ’Britcoin’, or central bank-backed digital currency. A BoE-backed digital version of sterling would potentially allow consumers to hold accounts directly with the bank and to sidestep others when making payments.

John 4 weeks

The whole point of bitcoin is that its decentralized and cant be controlled by one government or entity. Keeps the play field fair but I guess they had to try someday

Max Bants
Max Bants 3 weeks

I am 99.9% sure britcoin already exists.

Individual > collective
Individual > collective 4 weeks

Wait, the three article links aren't the onion? Okay then

PappaOwl 4 weeks

Ha ing the name so close has to be an infringement right

Faittastic 4 weeks

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