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Apple will allow Parler back onto the App Store

Apple will allow Parler back onto the App Store

Apple has approved Parler’s return to the iOS app store following improvements made to better detect and moderate hate speech and incitement. According to a letter Apple sent to Congress on Monday, Parler ’has proposed updates to its app and the app’s content moderation practices.’ Parler was removed from major tech platforms in early January following the US Capitol riots of Jan. 6.

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 4 weeks

Parler had moderation before and the violence was planned on facebook and twitter, don't let facts get in the way of big tech power though

Invidious 4 weeks

They waited until it was way too late for it to regain the steam it had. Now they're just handing it back its own corpse and wanting to be praised for killing it.

NotSurprised 3 weeks

People who use CrApple products by definition don't care about freedom. So who cares what software they do or do not allow?

michael 4 weeks

As long as they no longer rely on the community to moderate itself. That's like asking the police to investigate their own misconduct.

Brad 4 weeks

Labeling hatespeech is a clear black white rebrand of disapproved dissidence while I wonder how many pro abortion or blm groups planning assemblies will be labeled with incitement. This site was lobotomized and placed back on the market as a tech honey pot. So much for just start your own social media. Parlor is now another branch of big tech's propaganda franchise.

LetterJotter 4 weeks

Parler hosts ideas and opinions from the dredges of our society - uneducated fools who can’t think critically about an issue and post their own vapid, baseless comments in response.

Jerry Mandering
Jerry Mandering 4 weeks

Great! Now do Twitter and Facebook...

Phoenix 4 weeks

Good, but it’s rediculous that it got removed in the first place.

Eric 4 weeks

No thank you

jon 4 weeks

Oh, thank you kindly, dear Master! Now, let's all bow and scrape to show our admiration of lord Apple's magnanimity.

Qanonsense 4 weeks


Hunter 3 weeks

As it should.

Neves7561 3 weeks

But Apple is ok with Twitter allowing CP?

jeff 3 weeks

It's not the same Parlor in a bad way. The app is weird now. It's on Android

mike 3 weeks

The only hate speech is from the loony leftists

GUYIVKS 3 weeks

Look forward to Apple and Android ba'nn'ing farcebook and twatter from their app sites. Both are the #1 favourite of ter'rori'sts worldwide for organizing "events".

NapkinEater 2 weeks

I dont really like Parler, I'm the sense that most of the people on there are annoying, but this cooperation to shut down an app due to a pure political difference is insane. This app had better filtration than Twitter and Facebook. Twitter and Facebook both have comments that date 3 years back calling for decapitation of former politicians.

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