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Gun storage law in Oregon could be among toughest in the US

Gun storage law in Oregon could be among toughest in the US

The legislature of Oregon is set to vote on a proposed gun storage law that would be among the toughest in the US. Opponents of the proposed law said that it will lead to more deaths, while those who back it say that it will help in saving lives. Hundreds of people have testified about the measure, mostly in writing. The debate in Oregon over guns mirrors similar discussions being held nationwide.

Pete 2 months

Aww yes, we need the government to take care of us. We bow to our government. Pass more laws please to teach us how to take care of ourselves. I know i couldn't do it without you.

Green 2 months

There is nothing wrong with this law. If it is unattended it should be locked away. This is also common sense. If you are home and have a true fear then you leave it where you are comfortable with it being and when you leave you lock it back up. I have my guns locked up in multiple places but I guarantee no child can get their hands on any of them. Every gun owner should be able to say the same thing. That's just my belief.

Glen 2 months

Oregon is famous for how well they protect their citizens. 180 days of rioting is living proof. We sure wouldn't want the citizens to protect themselves.

jamie 2 months

Ppl don’t tell me what to have in my house or how to store stuff in my house because it’s my house. If something stupid happens well I and I alone accept those consequences period.

Jellybean 2 months

Not only that but your safe should be trapped with tannerite in case any dog shooting creeps invade your house looking for contraband.

Leonard 2 months

Can we be linked to the law do we can make our own decision on how we feel?

Jacob 2 months


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