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Patrick Albath 2 weeks
They just looking for their Queen and don't know tha way...
Zachary Brooks 2 weeks
Da way. Da way!
Marshall X 2 weeks
Da wey da wey
Paul Dixon 2 weeks
Everyone knows that da queen is a dragon loli. I spit on the nonbelievers *phewy*

T.N. Morgan 2 weeks
In Asia, we call that morbidly obese. To each their own, I guess.
J Fluoride 2 weeks
Oliver Biscuit 2 weeks
Same with the rest of the world but we in the west have to be "body positive" smh
Natasha Gossman 2 weeks
Not using big women in advertisements = fat shaming. Using big women in advertisements = fat shaming. ......pls explain sjw.....

Emilios Georgiou 2 weeks
That aint curvy...
DKO 2 weeks
A circumference is a curve.
applejuice 2 weeks
lumpy still counts as curvy right?

Mike Clark 2 weeks
This man knows da way

Sir Dragon 2 weeks
I mean why did he think that would work , who in Africa is even aware of what this Curvy woman is supposed to be

Havoc44 2 weeks
America supports this 100%
(Un)Fortunate Son 2 weeks
Speak for yourself mate. Texas has seceded on this one.
Big Bang Boi 2 weeks
too curvy for me 🤢
Center Right Latino 2 weeks, we dont.

SimonR 2 weeks
He likes the chub.

Freddie Racc 2 weeks
Hell yeah ima finally give my social security number to Ugandan scammers

J Fluoride 2 weeks
Someone should tell him to turn the curvy meter down quite a bit
Hank 2 weeks
The far right one I would smash, the rest are just fat

Michael Tatom 2 weeks
With an average IQ of 80, it’s the best they could come up with.
applejuice 2 weeks
Dang! That burn was so intense I could cook my dinner with it.
FATBINK 2 weeks
Mister Brown 2 weeks
C'mere fido, good boy! *whistle*

Cauasia Rush 2 weeks
The one on the far right in the jeans is what I’d call “curvy”. The rest of the women are just fat.

Lance 2 weeks
it's not curvy. it's unhealthy.

Capitalist Putin 2 weeks

rj9955hi 2 weeks
If any beauty pageant should go, all of them should.

TheBornOfFire 2 weeks
yey fat birds is what tourists crave...

Starr 2 weeks
Uganda is the equivalent of a pothead running a nation.
Cauasia Rush 2 weeks
No, not a pothead. A guy who KNOWS DE WAY.
Tin Ego 2 weeks
Still he’s the best they’ve got

Brett Ellis 2 weeks
Can we all just acknowledge how odd it is that Uganda has a tourism minister

Andre Gerard 2 weeks
Hey Guardian, I thought all sizes are beautiful!

Property 2 weeks
private corps have been doing it for years

SmoovGroov 2 weeks
Sir mix-a-lot’s anaconda was not available for comment.