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Sylvain Wear 7 months
thank you Donald Trump

Iwas Sold 7 months
less claims does not mean more people got jobs.

SimonR 7 months
Lower taxes lower unemployment, not handing out 'free' money like Finland.

rj9955hi 7 months
Still too many

hooded marsupial 7 months
Aye, but it's only because of Obama's work before this that it's now possible..... Trump hasn't accomplished anything positive for the US...โ€ฆ That's how things work right? :) :)
jayce Lee 7 months
you're joking right? cuz that's hilarious
hooded marsupial 7 months
Yes, of course I was joking ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

TheBornOfFire 7 months
whats happening
I am a Cosmonaut 7 months
Trump keeps winning
I Ald 7 months
Trump is whatโ€™s happening
Nicholas Allbritton 7 months
Any of you can tell me what Trump did to lower unemployment rates?

Property 7 months
what a monster