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Test Steam 6 months
I don't watch Infowars, but the moment they banned Alex Jones, I unsubscribed. That and the stupid swearing filter was useless.
Rage Against the Vagine 6 months
he is still on there BTW

chrisretusn 6 months
Good by Spotify! Oh wait... I don't use it... never mind.

U WOT M8 6 months
Credit-card chargebacks gooooo!

beanie weaine 6 months
Fuck Spotify

Von Mueller 6 months
:') RIP

Nicholas Allbritton 6 months
Good, the ads may be annoying but this company is still in debt. They need revenue..
Error100 6 months
I'd be surprised if they even make a profit with the ads they run considering how it seems that the overwhelming majority of the ads they run are for Spotify premium.
TakeThePill 6 months
it costs like $13 a month and millions of people use it. There's absolutely no fucking reason whatsoever they need ad revenue. Them paying their CEOs too much isn't my problem, I'm not padding your pockets. I'll cancel my subscription.

Kenguru Safari 6 months
my spotify already has hepatitis and hiv from being in everyones hands at the same time. if anyone wanna find me through my spotify, they better be wearing a condom.