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SimonR 6 months
Again, as I said before, it's not a problem that people dressed up 40 odd years ago. This is fashion police.
Dongus Dongus 6 months
it's not fashion police, sure 40 years ago it was sth completely different to do but still. Its not just fashion to wear KKK hoods and have confederate flags
SimonR 6 months
The joke was fashionable back then.
Anubis 6 months
Ok, but at what point do you move past history and live in the now? I am sure if we looked hard enough we could find something YOU did in your past and hold you accountable for it today. Do you want to live in that kind of world or would you rather be judged as the person you are today and your current actions?

CakeSorcerer 6 months
'Blackface' is just another tool used by the media and Liberal Blacks to control White people. There is nothing wrong with it.
David Giarratana 6 months
Not unless there's a problem with that movie, "White Chicks".
Magister Mortran 6 months
We white people should all paint our faces black for a day as a sign of solidarity with the victims of this hate campaign.
Ognar 6 months
Magister Mortran - In today's society you would be better off shooting into a crowd than putting on blackface. Once Western culture finishes splitting into leftist and conservative support systems then such a protest could be done but currently the leftists will exclude you from everything from banking to employment. So I highly suggest that as these alternatives like Gab, SubscribeStar, and whichever other parallel platforms emerge so that we can free ourselves from the tyranny of the Technoligarchs of silicon valley.

Monster Mash 6 months
normally I would point out context matters, but I am enjoying show.
Paris Cloud 6 months
play stupid games, win stupid prizes. There's also the fact that we're all distracted by this instead of the governor's infanticide comments. Good job changing the subject.

Michael Tatom 6 months
So, is white face bad too? Wasn’t there a couple of movies where black actors made up to look like whites?
DKO 6 months
Like Hamilton?
Sapper82 6 months
Come on dude! It only works one way! Because white people don’t constantly feel like victims, they don’t feel the need to scream and cry about it. Honest truth.
Paris Cloud 6 months
@Sapper82 can't tell if sarcastic or not

Mark90 6 months
I don't understand what's so racist about this whole thing. Will dressing up for halloween be racist or some other kind of "ist"? This is getting ridiculous.
Beisht Kione 6 months
Already is!
Petri Fide 6 months
Megan Kelly said something to that effect and was run out of NBC.
Paris Cloud 6 months
I think it's to distract from the governor's comments supporting infanticide.

Petri Fide 6 months
Interesting that all the sources used are pillars of the regressive left. It's almost like they are obsessed with identity politics.
Petri Fide 6 months
They had to go digging 51 yrs back to find this latest nugget. Right or wrong, times were different back then.
Brandon Spears 6 months
this is mostly going to hurt them in the long run if they are going to judge people for stuff they did longer than 30 years ago rather than focusing on policy. What's next? no one on the left will like Bernie Sanders because theres a photo of him as a baby crying near black people?

Ironic Funny Name 6 months
This guy apparently just edited the racist stuff I mean I feel like that’s probably not his fault since he didn’t do it himself but it’s still fucking hilarious that every Virginian politician is insane

(Un)Fortunate Son 6 months
How did the republicans lose this past election? They had every advantage yet they lost to the blackface rapist... supposedly.
Petri Fide 6 months
Imo the Republicans lost the Virginia election because they are not obsessed with identity politics and failed to either look for this or thought that something which happen 30-years ago was irrelevant.
Paul Dixon 6 months
As a Virginian the Republicans lost because though a majority of the VA territory is red. The major city centers of NOVA, Hampton Roads, and Richmond are blue. So they outvote the rest of the state. This is why straight up democracy is stupid and every state should have an electoral college system of their own.
Rick Smith 6 months
Democracy sucks bro

C Bro 6 months
Virginia?! What the hell?!

OUTRAW mf 6 months
it's time to stop

Tommy Hawkins 6 months
He was also caught naked with two nurses when he was born!

Mark Oulaghan 6 months
there dropping like nine pins
yuckycrumpet 6 months

Virtual Signals 6 months
Getting a little worried those 40 year old pictures of me smearing chocolate pudding all over my face as a two year old may come back to haunt me...

Test Steam 6 months
Where did you draw the line? Should blacks stop wearing clothes? I have no issue with white face and therefore have no issue with black face. Sometimes it's ok to dress up...

Chief J 6 months
Just wait till we get to the 7th top official. "Well, back in 1964, his cousin's friend's roomate's husband worked at a place where his boss's brother in law allegedly wore blackface once. So he's out. NEXT!"

Gaz Matic 6 months
This is just them trying to cover up baby murder. No one cares about blackface

Marshall X 6 months
They are being up something that happens over 60 fucking years, that was then this is now. Stop bring up things that happened in the past it’s stupid and dumb.

Der Rikmeister 6 months
LOL. Virginia Democrats' blackface and sexual assault = Virginia Republicans' yearbook editing.

AW1990 6 months
Blackface is a legitimate act of racism for those of you who seem a bit confused. I know we live in a time where everything is racist, even hats, so the term racist has lost its meaning, but blackface was a means of portraying people of color very derogatory way. it was not just typical stereotyping, it was more malevolent than that. For the people who lived through it, it was and still is extremely insulting.
Inginigos 6 months
Uhm what is with Robert Downey Jr. (correct me if i misspelled his name)?
Beisht Kione 6 months
It wasnt racist when Jimmy Kimmel did it for his Carl Malone skit as well. The thing is, times change, but now everyone wants, keyword wants, to be offended and wants to be the victim and so they dredge up shit from a century ago to pretend is the same as today. Paddy used to be a derogatory slur against the Irish. Paddy wagon has a deeper meaning than just being a police van. Yet, I fail to see Americans of Irish defense wrapping themselves in their ancestors oppression and wearing it like it's a fucking badge.
AW1990 6 months
if i recall the Jimmy kimmel bit wasnt exactly blackface, but i don't watch his trash so i cant be sure. He is openly democrat so it probably was true blackface. In terms of white on white racism its true it existed amongst all white races. over time whites overcame white on white racism. i feel this is largely due to the fact society stoped talking about it. That would be the next stage in interracial relationships if identity politics didn't rear its ugly head into the mainstream.

Experiment Eks 6 months
They're eating their own with their faux outrage mob.