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Mark90 2 weeks
Can democraps elect a more stupid woman? Abolish air travel and cows?
Seth Napier 2 weeks
If they get their way air travel will be eliminated. Except for their own private jets.
John Curtin 1 weeks
Replace gas turbine engines with steam turbines. In turn have nuclear planes/jets
Robert Wing 1 weeks
How are you going on create the steam? What are you going to do when the temperature is below zero. Let me guess, you haven't graduated from high school.

Andrew Mills 2 weeks
"Abolishes: Internal Cumbustion Engine ABOLISH ALL ICE.
Daddy Tito 2 weeks
Wow 😂
Der Rikmeister 2 weeks
Cue the X-files sound!

Got Truth 2 weeks
AOC is by far the best thing to happen for Conservatives and Libertarians. I hope the Dems let AOC talk as much as possible. Bring her on every show to be interviewed and give them as much publicity as possible. This is so great, I think I love BSC AOC. 😍
JDeG 302 2 weeks
David Eggleston 1 weeks
She is showing why the left is a joke.
Oliver Biscuit 1 weeks
Yep. And as long as Trump can be kept too busy to say anything overly 'outrageous' he'll be guanteed a 2020

Petri Fide 2 weeks
AOC is a gift that just keeps giving... haha. She also wants to do away with planes... tough luck for Hawaii.

Nobody At all 2 weeks
Notice how every link is to a right leaning publication? What she said is so stupid that the left publications won’t even cover it.
Brandon Spears 2 weeks
actually sometimes the other news articles will talk about it later at least within a day or two and if they dont then that's mainly because it would go against establishment Democrats.
Tim Qualls 2 weeks
Yep, Vox left out the price tag despite being a few thousand words.

Mark Pauly 2 weeks
It’s the “Soylent Green” new deal. Phase 1. Eliminate primary food sources. Phase 2. Eliminate means to escape. Phase 3. Feed the non-compliant to the starving masses. Rinse and repeat as needed.

SRC t 2 weeks
who ever listens to this wishy-washy person isn't to bright.
Nicholas Allbritton 2 weeks
whoever* too* You might want to look inward before you think you can judge others' intelligence...
Der Rikmeister 2 weeks
Yeah, because bad grammar and moronic and dangerous political ideologues are the same thing.
Jay Orzecki 1 weeks
So the majority of America then? You do realize there is support on both sides (if your still dumb enough to believe there is 2 parties). Just like the outrage over taxing millionaires falls on deaf ears.

Ya Boi PI 2 weeks
So basically this would ban anything that consumes gas or diesel. So basically they want to screw over the economy and destroy any hopes of getting this program funded. Real smart move, I don't see any issues with that.
Jay Orzecki 1 weeks
Destroy the economy? What good will your shitty economy be when were all starving because we can't grow anything anymore, can't feed live stock and therefore ourselves too... Green new deal will create a better economy for all, except maybe those that think the economy and human race exists to serve them. I'd like my kids not to suffer because of a corrupt capitalist system that serves the very top while screwing the rest, I'm a bit selfish like that...
W 1 weeks
@Jay Orzecki Whew, lad, that's some powerful stupid.
Jay Orzecki 1 weeks
Really W, please elaborate? I'd love to be enlightened into looking past this corrupt system of oligarchs...

Cory Pritchard 2 weeks
Get triggered from right wing headlines and don't do any research. 80% of registered voters agree with the green new deal.
Seth Napier 2 weeks
Cory. Come on, buddy. We've had this talk.
themdg MOD 2 weeks
Haha...funny. Let's get those numbers now that her "plan" isn't just a slogan, and when people see that she wants to get rid of cars, planes, and "farting cows", and rebuild/remodel every building in the country. Not to mention provide every comfort to those unwilling to work. Might want to read that whole proposal yourself and then decide if you're still not triggered.
Gaz Matic 2 weeks
80% of democrats are morons.

Planned Obsoylescence 1 weeks
Solar Panels, Metal for wind farms and hydro all require mining. Heck even the vehicles that do the mining require mining for the materials they are made from and what the hell will power them if internal combustion engines get banned? Electric engines? Guess what... More mining! Zero emissions can't happen with the current technology we have and this is all supposed to happen in a decade.

Hoosapolooza 2 weeks
Massive idiot

T.N. Morgan 1 weeks
What a retard.

Christopher Ellison 2 weeks
Is this even real?

Danny 2 weeks
So is she going to pick up a pick axe and help mine the minerals for all the solar panels?

themdg MOD 2 weeks
M. Twain: You're right. The first paragraph is pie-in-the-sky awesome! Just like kids walking onto the playground saying "Let's play the funnest game ever guys!" Unfortunately, the rest of it reads like those playground kids talking over each other with "Say like we get to bat first" "Say like only our team scores, but we don't have to play" "Say like that point didn't count." "Say like we our frisbee has rockets" "Say like...." Come CAN'T be serious about backing this one. If you are, you might belong on the staff of Cortez. She needs true believers!

Nobody At all 2 weeks
There is plenty of market incentive and demand to create more fuel efficient or even fuel free cars. Mandating it won’t make it happen faster. The mandate just lets the govt take credit for something that was going to happen anyways. They don’t actually DO anything. AOC doesn’t understand the engineering or economic challenges but she will try to take credit for the progress that the market delivers and claim her govt heavy handedness is to thank for it.
M.Twain 2 weeks
Nobody, a lot of R&R on this comes from Government agencies and Government funded research. You ever hear of NASA. I have yet to hear her blow her own horn unlike Trump, who must have permanent bruises on his back from all the self-patting he does.
Nobody At all 2 weeks
I was referring specifically to the heavy handed mandate from the government but if you want to take it in that direction, okay. 1st let’s be clear, the government doesn’t fund anything, the taxpayers do. Government takes the money by force then skims off their portion and funnels it where it wants to, not necessarily where the taxpayer or market would want. If there is a demand in the market for electric cars at the price point that we can make them, someone will research and build those cars. Heck if it weren’t for the government protectionism of the gas and oil industry we might already have this tech. I have nothing to say to the trump smear. This doesn’t really have anything to do with him.

Himadri Mandal 1 weeks
no left wing news article!? how divided is the media!? or rather, why is the left wearing such rose tinted glasses for AOC?

NPC #2 2 weeks
Is she actually trying to fuck everyone over

Ryan M 2 weeks
Even if it were true that such a radical plan was absolutely necessary to ensure our survival on this planet, it couldn't be done. In her own words, we would have to "invent things that haven't even been invented yet."

A.P. Margulies 1 weeks
She’s got my vote. She’ll destroy the republicans. Man they are scared 💩 of her
Alex 1 weeks
nobody's scared of her, chief. she's literally our biggest meme right now, and she's turning people more conservative by the day.
Thomas Watson 1 weeks
She's a walking meme. Not many people will vote for her
O'Brien 1 weeks
The only fear around AOC is with that level of incompetence Trump will stop trying and just phone it in for the next six years knowing his job is safe.