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Miles O'Brien 6 months
This is corporate think damage control. They will sell the facility to some shell company, change the name and pay lip service to "policies" that on the surface address the problem. The real problem is that these faclities are seriously understaffed, who are pitifully underpaid, poorly supervised and often under-trained for the job they are tasked to perform. A simple begining step would be cameras in the hallways and corridors. At least the coming and goings could be checked.

david dindu 6 months
next time only hire females. cis gendered ones

Eric Fossum 6 months
Why do we have some saying they are shutting down and others are saying they are staying open with government involvement?
chrisretusn 6 months
It really helps to go beyond the headline. In other words read the articles.

Michael Tatom 6 months
What sort of people get hired to work in these places? Not too long ago 2 women (caregivers) were charged with murder for letting a man die right in front of them while they laughed. They were of the same persuasion.
Kenguru Safari 6 months
I'd call the sort degenerates and rapists

T.N. Morgan 6 months
Um, the headlines are saying different things. Is it shutting down or staying open?

John Bull 6 months

Zachary Brooks 6 months
Hide yo kids, hide yo wife. They rapin’ everyone out here.

beanie weaine 6 months
Damn they have to shut the whole thing down? We’re all the employees raping?