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themdg MOD 2 weeks
Oh no...both are women. Who do we believe?
Der Rikmeister 2 weeks
Well...default goes to the victim. Oh crap, being a woman automatically makes even the attacker a victim!
kyle Benjamin 2 weeks
Idk probs not the “alternative facts” person
Paul N 2 weeks
How dare you label them as that? Did you check on their proper pronouns, instead of tripping over your privilege?

Tommy Hawkins 1 weeks
Once again, the most intolerant folks are always the 'tolerant' left wingers.
Jay Orzecki 1 weeks
Aren't we tolerating right wing fear mongering anymore? Get used to it.

PA_Patriot89 2 weeks
They should keep this up if they want Trump to be re-elected

David R 1 weeks
I've got a crazy idea. Let's just not assault people for political differences that both Democrats and Republicans highlight, differences that people can probably deal with if we just think.

liberty Ann 1 weeks
This woman is an idiot. Kellyanne is an idiot. But assault is a crime and if she did it she deserves punishment. I cringe as a liberal. This just plays into conservative hands and it is WRONG.

Son Of Shaw 1 weeks
Just more DNC doing leftist brown shirt things.

J. 2 weeks
Is there any evidence?
Der Rikmeister 2 weeks
The witness of her teenage daughter. The witness of the restaurant patrons. The witness if the restaurant workers. The witness of the guy who escorted her out of the restaurant...
Lance 2 weeks
plenty of evidence of violence against conservatives. this isn't the only example. btw don't hit me with that "but both sides do it" crap either because there is SIGNIFICANTLY more violence happening against conservatives than there is violence against leftists.
kyle Benjamin 2 weeks
Lance, when was the last time antifa killed someone in america?

Michael Tatom 1 weeks
Take her to the cleaners.

Fishing 1 weeks
Trump Derangement Syndrome. So sad...

Joe Blogs 1 weeks
This has something to do with the Russians, I can feel it.

ted lamb 1 weeks
that lady should do hard time...I mean,look at what she did to kellyannes face...wait...

Jay Orzecki 1 weeks
Charges? Give her a damn medal! Usually they make movies about vampire hunters, not send them to prison...
Zk “Zk” AY 1 weeks
are you calling for violence? I'm certain the right wing side of America could utterly decimate you idiotic leftists.
Jay Orzecki 1 weeks
Jay Orzecki 1 weeks
I'm not calling for anything other than money needs to get out of politics. But I sure as shit don't have the slightest sympathy for people that do nothing but stir up hate and fear against society's most vulnerable people. Keep demonizing people and eventually they will start living up to the constant accusations. All this constant bullshit she spouts when the evidence contradicts her, its no wonder people have had enough of it...