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KOAN. 6 months
These abortions laws are getting out of hand
R L 6 months
Bruh... I shouldn't be laughing at this
T.N. Morgan 6 months
I'm going to hell for this, but this comment was too damn funny! Laughed my ass off.
SimonR 6 months
Top kek.

Josh Ya 6 months
Impossible. Chicago is a gun free city. The Dumasscrats made it so.
Exas Zero 6 months
Take away guns from law-abiding citizens and the criminals are the only ones with guns. Who'd of thunk it?

Lance 6 months
how long until democrats find a way to blame white people for this?
themdg MOD 6 months
You mean he white people that won't keep guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens, which would have magically prevented this somehow? (is what I expect to hear from dems.) .
mouseRAT 6 months
the person, or people, that did this aren't law abiding citizens
(Un)Fortunate Son 6 months
Themdg you mean the black mayor & black police chief of Chicago that white people elected to keep the city safe?

noonespecific 6 months
Did anyone hear about the BLM protest for this unarmed child killed?.... Not me ether.
Jarret Durst 6 months
I haven’t really heard a BLM protest in awhile.
Chris Cahill 6 months
too cold for that shit in Chicago right now
Bart De Bock 6 months
cold? hah tell that to the french that have consistently kept rioting for months now

R L 6 months
But I thought Chicago was a gun free city? Someone on CNN said so!

Gradient Flow 6 months
Just another day in Chicago.

Bart Telford 6 months
Nothing to see here... unless it was a cop. Damn shame that a baby being shot doesn't spark the same passion.

Von Mueller 6 months
God damn, I hate spawn campers.
Jake Middleton 6 months
Von Mueller 6 months
Like at least let them sale their first crack, c'mon people.

Russell Daggett 6 months
Sounds like that's "part and parcel" of living in Chicago. You've just got to expect that you and your loved ones can be gunned down at any moment.
Allen Smith (AJ) 🇦🇺 6 months
And it also shows how well gun control laws work
Robert Wing 6 months
To be fair, most shootings occur in just a few neighborhoods.

Allen Smith (AJ) 🇦🇺 6 months
This is very sad and it highlights the fact that Gun Control doesn't work. Gun Control laws don't stop criminals.
The Inquisitor 6 months
but criminals follow laws, that's why anti bullying posters and that one gilette ad work so wonderfully at preventing bullying and rape
Inginigos 6 months
It is hard to know if a gun would safe or take a life. But it is definitely not good to only blame guns. Even in „safe“ countries as Germany can shootings happen. Either a strict bordercontrol and control of shops or you just have these things.
yuckycrumpet 6 months
Gun control works in other countries. Americans control of their guns won't it seems. Sucks to be American.

Obvy. 6 months
Damnit, can we get these cities patrolled by the military namely in the gang ridden areas?
jking0351 King 6 months
Can't use military to police civilians due to Posse Comitatus.
Allen Smith (AJ) 🇦🇺 6 months
Can the National Guard do it?
DKO 6 months
According to leftists, policing poor neighborhoods is what causes violence, because they don't understand cause and effect.

NPC#1337 T3H H0nkulAr 6 months
With democrats and their abortion laws would it be murder or preforming an illegal abortion?
Max Nutty 6 months
It would probably depend on who did it.

Robert Wing 6 months
2 young children shot in 2 different locations, Chicago and California. What do they have in common? The strictest gun laws in the country.

Brett Ellis 6 months
Was the child wearing the wrong coloured nappy?

Mister Brown 6 months
If the baby had a gun this wouldn't have happened
applejuice 6 months
but Chicago is gun free remember?
Jarret Durst 6 months
I’m picturing the baby ‘popping a cap in his ass’ and I have to say it’s very funny.
Mister Brown 6 months
Ah, aj, I forgot. I just remembered smuggling doesnt exist and every city is an island with no interaction with the country it's a part of. My bad.

space ghost 6 months
And not one blm rally or protest will be held. Unless someone says it was a white guy who shot the kid.

Kable tha Kiid 6 months
But Jussie Smollet with his fake ass Maga attack and little cut on his face while hunting for “footlongs” at 2AM in the cold gets all the news coverage and adoration, meanwhile THIS...Shows just where the left’s priorities are at, in the gutter!

AlexK 6 months
Is that those late-term abortions democrats were talking about?

Andre Gerard 6 months
The ABC article literally goes from telling us that the baby is critically injured to telling us that murders of shootings are down this year. No transition no nothing...

david dindu 6 months
shot by a cop? if not then its just another day in chicago