Texas girl battling cancer becomes honorary police officer

Texas girl battling cancer becomes honorary police officer

A little girl’s dream came true when she became sworn in as an honorary police officer with Freeport (Texas) PD. 6-year-old Abigal Arias, who was diagnosed with an incurable stage-four Wilms’ tumor, was sworn in by FPD Chief Ray Garivey on Thursday, swearing to fight the ’bad guys’ making her sick.

Shawn Donahoe
Shawn Donahoe
Ubercheese 1 year

So sad, its a cruel world sometimes. My heart goes out to her

ConcealCarryProtect 1 year

Wholesome. Mini-cop on duty.

IIZard 1 year

Sad but nice story

Virtual Signals
Virtual Signals 1 year

Nice story to read on a Sunday morning. Thanks for sharing.

Crimson Jester
Crimson Jester 1 year

Hold out little lady. The cure is right around the corner.

(Un)Fortunate Son
(Un)Fortunate Son 1 year

Someone give this cop a donut.

drakethesnake 1 year

It's funny because both her and a regular American police officer received the same amount of training.

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