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Fishing 6 months
Spy phones? 5G mind control? Are we standing up to Chinese assimilation? Thank you POTUS!
Raymond M Hein Jr 6 months
are country's spy's more than other country's and all phones are vulnerable
W 6 months
@Raymond M Hein Jr Is this supposed to be English?
Raymond M Hein Jr 6 months
oh I misspelled our my bad

_M.H._ 6 months
Only good ole American equipment to spy on our citizens.
Ralph 6 months
well who do you want collecting everything, the government that uses it's illegal data to catch terrorists with the occasional innocent or the government that uses every means it has to silence dissent and persecute their idealogical enemies.

DKO 6 months
You can actually find some presentations on YouTube, from companies that help with reverse engineering and auditing chips, showing cases where chips came from the manufacturer with mysterious add-on chips hidden inside, and decapping techniques is often destructive enough to lose the firmware running inside them. So not even the manufacturer of the devices know they have alien chips wired in. It's about time to treat the malicious hardware threat with the seriousness it deserves. I'm in favor of rigorous scrutiny for devices coming from anywhere, not just China. Take some samples from the equipment they're providing, and X-ray, decap the chips to see if they don't have surprises.

Steven Cleghorn 6 months
If you can’t compete, then ban. Good luck with that.

chrisretusn 6 months
according to Politico.... three sources told POLITICO.