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Ryan 8 months
Just build it in Newark, NJ. That'll show em!

joe Vasquez 8 months
But the one percent must pay them dues!! Lmao leftists always give them the breaks in the end!

Judi Em 8 months
Geez, Amazon, you are in business in the USA. Do what you want.

Nika D 8 months
And this is why 70% marginal tax rates on the billionaires don’t work. They get exceptions wherever they go. This is what crony capitalism (not the free market) looks like. It’s also the law of unintended consequences at work —if you tax people for revenue, it will be used as a bludgeon of power against you by unscrupulous companies.
Beisht Kione 8 months
And because there arent enough people who make over 10 mil to actually pay for all of the welfare programs they want. Money just ain't there.

beanie weaine 8 months
What a cuck

david dindu 8 months
aoc gonna tax his ass. hes smart to gtfo of ny

Jason J Mitchell 8 months
Move to the center of the country.

Michael Tatom 8 months
You don’t want business with jobs? Fine. Enjoy socialism.
Colin M. 8 months
A billion Dallar tax break is welfare for one of the largest businesses on the planet owned by the richest man on the planet. Why does he and his company deserve welfare but regular people don't? Also before Bernie shamed and legislated Bezos into a corner, many Amazon employees were able to recieve some form of social assistance or were considered working poor (below poverty line). No person willing to work 40hrs per week should not have a liveable wage. Minimum wage should be the minimum amount you can pay a worker to realistically get by without struggling. No1 working full time hours should be so poor they qualify for assistance. If this happens it means we are literally subsidizing these corps.

liberty Ann 8 months
These big deals destroy more jobs than they create. They drive out small business and low income residents with rent increases. Arlington, Va just got saddled with an HQ and I wonder how those people will fare. And NO tax breaks for corporations. They should have to pay into the community.
M.Twain 8 months
LA, Corporations paying into the community sounds like a progressive tax. The workers are already paying taxes, why should the Corporation have to pay, that will just reduce jobs.
Nika D 8 months
M Twain—completely agree with you, but it’s not a “progressive” tax (that already happens at the individual level), it’s double taxation. Either the company reinvests into its own infrastructure, R&D, etc (non taxable), or it distributes its profits out to shareholders (taxable to individuals). Of course often it’s going to the normal Joe shareholders who often own the stock in their 401k’s or IRA’s, which of course have special taxation rules. Also, this taxation, whatever it looks like, has to apply to all companies equally on a federal and local level, or else it is cronyism.
M.Twain 8 months
ND, I was being sarcastic. These companies cut deals with the States and local communities. They have cut deals where they don't pay property taxes and can keep the local and state withholding taxes as well as get huge checks. NY is expected to pay Amazon close to $3 billion dollars in public funds for the privilege of Amazon building one of its headquarters in NY. NY would never see a profit from such a foolish investment.

Sir_Kutz 8 months
He’s liberal until they come after him.

Jay Orzecki 8 months
I think Bezos will soon find opposition in every corner off the globe.
rj9955hi 8 months

Hannibal 8 months
Ugh... Why are you making me agree with Occasional Cortex on this issue? Nobody should be getting tax credits, breaks, subsidies, or public assistance of any kind. Of course the politicians shouldn't have enough sway on company balance sheets for it to matter either.
Ralph 8 months
even with tax breaks they're still projected to add quite a bit of tax revenue to the states budget. most large companies get the tax breaks noatter where they go, it's a way to uncentivises them to settle in your tax zone, adding massive amounts of revenue. New York doesn't want them? they'll go somewhere else that will give them a better tax break. it's just good business.
M.Twain 8 months
Ralph, Amazon would get $3 Billion dollars from NY, in tax breaks and outright checks, the State would never see a positive return on that investment.
Beisht Kione 8 months
Except for all of the people that Amazon puts to work whom the state will take taxes from, Twain...

Sean Christopher 8 months
Good! Screw Cuomo! He wanted Amazon in NYC because it’s gonna be his little money maker. I hope they pull out of the deal and he’s left with nothing.
npc8472 8 months
idc one way or another about him but I wouldn't mind them coming to Houston. they are going to be a boon to any city they make their hq. just because they are shit doesnt mean they are going anywhere. so if they are going to exist I would like to see the best come out of it.