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rj9955hi 5 months
This is a hate crime.

J Fluoride 5 months
I sure the left will be praising her as a hero since they are against freedom of speech and religion unless it's islam. Because that would be islamaphobic.
Janitor Jez BingBangBong 5 months
What stupid, cartoonish model of the world do you have in your brain to write something like that?

JDeG 302 5 months
The nerve of her to ruin property like that

Miles O'Brien 5 months
God is on her side.

Miles O'Brien 5 months
God is on her side.

Jack King 5 months
what if god told her too

R L 5 months
Jail for the 20 years and then Hell for eternity. That's what I call an oof

Cyndee Weber 5 months
Maybe she realized the Bible says there shall not have any heaven images before me or any likeness or anything that is in the h Avenue above or the earth beneath. No where is the original Hebrew Bible does it say he died on a CROSS.

NPC#1337 T3H H0nkulAr 5 months
Terrorism terrorism terror... oh it was a Christian church? Yawn. Nothing to see here people.

Maja Romo 5 months
Rule 1: before crime spree take down all duck face selfies

K Watson 5 months

Robert Fisch 5 months
Because the bible says "bow down before no image nor worship Idols". I think shes very brave !!
DKO 5 months
The use of imagery in the rites of worshiping God was commanded by God Himself. Did YOU try reading the Bible before telling others to do so? In Exodus 25, God commands Moses to build the ark of covenant out of wood, with a gold cover, adorned with two cherubim. In 1 Chronicles 28, God commands David the temple (later constructed by his son, Solomon) to have statues of angels. In Ezekiel 41 (start at the previous chapter for context), Ezekiel is shown a vision of a temple, with cherubim carved on the walls. Not a single Catholic is praying to the crucifix. It has the image of Jesus dying on the cross to remind them of the founding moment of Christianity. It keeps the image of the sacrifice of Christ in their minds.

Capitalist Putin 5 months
she looks like a mop going thru puberty

T.N. Morgan 5 months
If this were a mosque, every news outlet would label this a hate crime, pundits would go on TV crying about how "this is Trump's America" and such bs. But since it's a church, eh who cares.

Irrevocably Not! 5 months
Capital punishment for vandalism. Her genes are forfeit.

Shelby Love 5 months
keep your greasy hands off my religion.

Property 5 months
this was a straight up hate crime, but to most that only applies if its against a minority group
Brandon Burrows 5 months
*non-white group
Nika D 5 months
Christians and whites ARE a minority group world wide. And they are being slaughtered around the world. Too bad they are too stupid to stand up for themselves in this day and age (I know—they aren’t the victim mentality type). I’d like to see the US stand up at the UN and demand that minority, vulnerable, and marginalized Christians throughout the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, be protected immediately.
(Un)Fortunate Son 5 months
Mika. Christianity is the largest religion worldwide... What are you talking about? Whites, however aren’t a majority. Asians are. How does heir race or minority status dictate the worth of life or values? All human life should have the same base value no accordance to race or ethnicity.

Property 5 months
classic case of antisemitism
Petri Fide 5 months
Jason J Mitchell 5 months
Being facetious are we?
Justin Kidd 5 months
Jesus was a semite.

Bon Futur 5 months
she looks retarded

Dankest_of_memez 5 months
Since it’s California is it a satanic church?
Mr RadNoodles 5 months
No, Atheist Libs