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PA_Patriot89 6 months
That guy was benefiting from White Privilege, so he got what was coming to him

Seth Racc 6 months
Me:Hell Yeah Tennessee! Me after clicking:Ah fuck y’all some dumb sons a bitches

Pacific Pleb 6 months
"In other news, some white boy smirked at an Indian. Lets get his ass, America!"

NPC#1337 T3H H0nkulAr 6 months
But, did they all hold the one gun or take turns?

YoDude 6 months
No everybody, these kids are the victims because other people that looked like them were slaves generations ago.

Kobus 6 months
These kids are all black. Elsewhere CNN and mainstream media have numerous panel-discussions about white males being the biggest societal problem...

space ghost 6 months
You can tell the shooters aren’t white cause the article left out the race of the kids.
Milios 6 months
A criminal is either white, or "juvenile, youth, young, teen" etc

Mister Brown 6 months
Was going to say "inb4 baseless racist speculation" but...
Eileen Dover 6 months
Oh looky what we have here from the local source: “The three are Roniyah McKnight, 14, Diamond Lewis, 15 and Decorrius Wright, 16, police said. A 12-year-old girl and 13-year-old boy were also charged.” Their pictures are there as well
Mister Brown 6 months
Was referring to "illegals like their parents" and the inevitable muslim comparison, but sure.
Jake Middleton 6 months
“Baseless racial speculation” LOL you have to be wilfully ignorant to think that there isn’t a pattern of violent behaviour in the black community.

Ralph 6 months
how do we get to the point where 12 and 16 year olds are stealing cars and shooting people for their wallet? 10 bucks says they're African american
Dust Phoxner 6 months
They are. Surprised? Sad that it's my first assumption and I'm right.
Captain Obvious 6 months
sadly I too had that thought, in 43 years on this earth with 10 being in Law Enforcement this isn't surprising, just another horribly violent act

Mark Oulaghan 6 months
you mean that fact they they are all illegals like their parents
Vault Tec USA 6 months
Except theyre not read the articles. Not one says so so get your head out of the clouds
Eileen Dover 6 months
You’re first thought was illegal? Weird for TN, as they do not border any third world country.. Alas, these are our own home grown killers. Feel free to guess again
Vault Tec USA 6 months
No there could be illegals they spread all over but his was a general assumption periof

MyOpinionIsNotImportant 6 months
Some information missing from headlines
Experiment Eks 6 months
Maybe you'll find reading the whole article to be more enlightening?
Eileen Dover 6 months
The fact that certain information is missing is the the validation of what everyone is thinking. The article from the local source has three of the five photos.
MyOpinionIsNotImportant 6 months
E Eks... I read several... I was making a commentary on headlines... they are the initial hook to read the article and hype up their particular agendas ... It's become a standard to put certain facts into the headline to fit modern narratives

Dust Phoxner 6 months
The kids dindu nuffin.
Eileen Dover 6 months
Three of the five are named Roniyah, Diamond, and Decorrius, so.....