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Korvin Carry 6 months
200? jesus, and thats not even a border state. i hate to say it, but i think 11 million illegals is a bit low
Jake Middleton 6 months
Trump stated it’s closer to 25 000 000, which is the entire population of Australia. Think about that, you have a population of illegals the size of my home country living among you lol.

Mike McWay 6 months
It's about time - Shit is ridiculous here in NC. It's a start, but ICE needs to up their game and make that number a daily goal.

(Un)Fortunate Son 6 months
It’s not something I’m proud about but this is necessary to ensure that people are willing to abide by the systems in place for this very purpose.

NPC#1337 T3H H0nkulAr 6 months
Cool, now flamethrower them on live television ...that’ll stem the tide.
U WOT M8 6 months
Wtf dude.