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Darth Quaint 7 months
EU, final word of warning man: You think the yellow vests are bad? Enact this directive and watch it tear you asunder as the rest of the world is blind to it all because you forced us to cut you off rather than comply to the impossible.

joe Vasquez 7 months
Old media trying to keep control of our minds and media consumption

Lord Baktor 7 months
They think they can stop us with that... We'll meme in plain text if we have to!

Seth Racc 7 months
Europe= Next Reich

Danny 7 months
Hitler would have been proud
Planned Obsoylescence 7 months
The EU is worse than Hitler

Justin Kidd 7 months
Danget, gotta switch countries on the VPN.
Lee Skalla 7 months
Until there are none left to switch to.
Justin Kidd 7 months
kaaaaaaarl 7 months
Since it will prevent content from being uploaded that won't change much, bc there will be nothing to look at.

Cary Brown 7 months
The dead hand of the EU seeks to ruin everything. Now they're working on destroying and hampering the Internet. This is typical of the EU, making rules which sound bland, but are in actuality draconian and restrictive. This act would be especially damaging to small businesses and all individuals in the EU.

Kenguru Safari 7 months
eu elites agree* no country got to choose. all we had was a petition few even knew about. this happens daily with many small cases without people realizing.

O'Brien 7 months
Seizing the memes of production.

AshLiamBerg 7 months
Time to change governments that voted for this and reverse it asap. The Internet must remain free and open.
Garthak 7 months
can't, because it's through the EU. you don't vote for the ones that can change this law.
Darth Quaint 7 months
@garthak then may they find the resulting silence deafening as they cut themselves off from the rest of the world.

Ralph 7 months
for those that do not know, this requires ISPs and web hosts to censor potentially copyrighted material, effectively forcing companies like Google to eradicate anything that could be copyright infringing. it will be like YouTube's copyright strikes except on the entire internet and enforced by law.
RebornZA 7 months
Fun times. Oh well rip internet.
Çağatay Ö. 7 months
Internet’s getting a big Thanos due to algorithms
Darth Quaint 7 months
And essentially destroying the internet or cutting the EU off completely from it. I'm calling the latter. YouTube has already called out this level of policing impossible using Despacito as an example.

NPC#1337 T3H H0nkulAr 7 months
Alternate title: ‘4th Reich sets new mandates for its subjugated populace.’
Marshall X 7 months
Yeah I’m glad I’m not in the eu I like my free porn games and memes the EU does not know de wey spit on them