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beanie weaine 6 months
Fuck off

Richard B 6 months
It will be mandatory soon enough. just wait. First they will give them out for free because "they care", then you'll get a discount if you wear one, then you'll be required to wear one to get health coverage. But it's no big deal because what kind of weird Luddite doesn't want to wear their employer/health plan monitored fitness tracker?

Experiment Eks 6 months
Who ever thought this would be a good idea?
Chris Cahill 6 months
Our wonderful corporate overlords
Jason J Mitchell 6 months
fitbit co.

Bon Futur 6 months
it'll be a part of everyone's Christmas bonus

Jus Saying 6 months
Another step closer to big brother.

chrisretusn 6 months
Well this is stupid.