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Chauvin judge says Maxine Waters’ comments can be grounds for appeal

Chauvin judge says Maxine Waters’ comments can be grounds for appeal

Derek Chauvin’s lawyer Eric Nelson called for a mistrial after the jury retired following Democratic Rep Maxim Waters’ remarks. Waters, during a protest, said, ’I hope we get a verdict that says guilty, guilty, guilty. And if we don’t, ... we need to get more confrontational.’ However, Judge Peter Cahill denied Nelson’s move, but said it may be grounds for the defense to appeal a guilty verdict.

James 3 weeks

Good, the trial judge is correct. It is unconscionable for an elected official to comment on criminal trial while it is ongoing but to then suggest bias with threats in an attempt to subvert the course of justice should warrant criminal charges against her.

Ddddd 3 weeks

As we all should. Maxine Waters should be held accountable for violence and destruction that is bound to follow. BLM riots are essentially political terrorism.

Glen 3 weeks

Maxine Walters should be prosecuted for insighting terrorism. Our country has lost its backbone.

Glen 3 weeks

Maxine Walters makes the KKK look good. This is pure evil.

Nosotros La Gente
Nosotros La Gente 3 weeks

It's amazing how obsessed the left is with Trump. Trump has nothing to do with this story, yet so many comments have to invoke his name to deflect from Maxine Waters. This might be hard to hear, but your obsession with Trump is a coping method, and it's completely hindering your ability to have even remotely rational conversations. The guy hasn't been president for three months. The Trump haters are more obsessed than the Trump fanatics, yet they're incapable of realizing it, because then they'd have to face the fact that their real issues are internal, not external.

Rocket 3 weeks


Small town conspiracy 1776
Small town conspiracy 1776 3 weeks

Forgot to show where she also called the conservative right wingers are racists, this woman is a toxic as the rest of DC and I mean the whole swath of’em.

Remy 3 weeks

I love how all the Dems on here are trying to compare this to Trump/Jan 6, yet they're the same people who accuse us Reps and Conservs of using "whataboutisms"... I doubt a single one of you actually listened to Trump speaking that day. "Fight like hell" is not near the same as "get more confrontational", "stay in the streets". What Waters said was indeed calling for violence. What Trump said was metaphoric. I fight like hell every day of my life... internally. Recovering alcoholics fight like hell not to drink. EMT's fight like hell to save the lives of the people they're called to. Anybody with a brain can see the difference in the two statements. Try again, lefties. Stop letting your hatred for Trump, one man, BLIND YOU from seeing all the wrongs happening in the Dem party right now.

Aleks 3 weeks

The hipocrisy is mind blowing... DJT had done the same 100x for 4 years and they all said nothing... disgusting

Jon 3 weeks

The judge actively trying to suppress free speech of someone not even remotely involved in the case that he is presiding over. Fail🤦‍♂️

Mpcooner 3 weeks

I don’t get it. This women is clearly inciting violence yet nothing happens to her. If you want to hold people accountable great but you can’t just let this one slide bc she is a liberal. She is an elected official and should not be spreading this kind of retotic nobody should. They need to do something about her now.

Rocket 3 weeks

MaxiPad Waters🤡💩 is a PSYCHOPATHIC SCUMBAG!!! The ONLY reason that PIECE OF SHIT is still working for the government is due to ELECTION FRAUD via Electronic Voting machines. This is how ALL of these CORRUPT GOVERNMEN' 'Life's' keep their jobs for 25, 30, 40 years!!!

David 3 weeks

Even if Waters rhetoric was meant to be inducing peaceful protests, civil rights marches, etc, it is still reprehensible. Two things stem from this. First, everyone is aware that many of the protests have turned violent. Turned into riots and arson. People will use Waters words as a rallying cry to both protest and riot. They will use her words to justify their actions. We've seen this for the Capitol riot. Trump's words were used as justification to do anything because they felt he had their backs. People will do the same with Waters words. Politicians, regardless of their positions, must always be cognizant and responsible with their words, how far and wide those words reach, how they may be interpreted and used as a justification for action. This isn't always a negative thing. MLK Jr. used his words very wisely. The other thing is that Waters basically committed jury intimidation. This jury isn't isolated. They get news, they heard Waters rhetoric. Rule guilty or else. That is straight up a violation of the oath of office to uphold the Constitution, due process, the sanctity of the jury. Rule guilty or else something will happen. What Waters' "something" is a threat of subsequent action. She may mean more protests, but everyone has seen these protests turn into riots. Everyone includes the jury. So it's rule guilty or there might be violence, jury being blamed for the subsequent violence if they rule not guilty. Some people have stated in the past that Trump's words equated to violence. How are Waters' words not also equated to violence, the threat of violence, the potential? Words aren't inherently violent but can incite it if interpreted to justify it. The mere fact that Waters threatened anything if the jury didn't rule her way is (at loss of words here because 'wrong' seems too mild). We cannot have elected officials ignore their oath of office to uphold the Constitution. We cannot have them use rhetoric that threatens people, including juries. Words matter. I just wrote many words.

MIDESSA 3 weeks

I completely agree with this judges assessment of this female black version of Donal Trump. Base baiting is wrong whoever's doing it and there should be consequences for their actions. But as we saw after Jan. 6th that's just not the world we live in.

Scott Hallinan
Scott Hallinan 3 weeks

Well thanks to her there might be a whole new trial. It is blatant jury tampering. As far as "calling for violence" all big mouth did was tell people to keep know same as Frump on January 6th.

Sigfried 3 weeks

So cahill is admitting to a mistrial being a thing due to potential Jury contamination but he doesn't want BLM's ire by pulling the trigger himself. Gotcha.

Robert 3 weeks

This is ridiculous. People everywhere have opinions about this. How could the judge assume anyones comments could affect the jurists dicision. Its just a set up for an appeal Pure and simple.

michael 3 weeks

Hey, if trump doesn't get held responsible, why should we hold her responsible? She's just using speech in a hyperbolic way. Maybe she's even being sarcastic. All I know is, depending on the outcome, that is when we will decide if she meant it or not.

Felipe Segura
Felipe Segura 3 weeks

Funny isn't it? The former President, gets twitter and Facebook ripped away on the bases of "inciting violence, and abuse of power" yet this maniac Max waters is promoting riots and inciting further rioting if the conviction doesnt fall in their favor. Somehow the radical left, "sympathetic" people, twitter, and facebook don't see a problem with this. It is utterly repulsive behavior I'm witnessing here. Now I hoping Chauvin wins just to spite this wretch.

Ivario Sulfust
Ivario Sulfust 3 weeks

Maxine has a history of inciting violence. No surprise she screwed up here. Ideological zealots aren't exactly the brightest

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