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david dindu 8 months
90% netflix tippy top tax NOW!!

Scruffy Stoat 8 months
Summary: paying lobbyists to pay politicians to make the working class pay for corporate welfare = PROFIT!

theLifeOf 8 months
Summary: Netflix is using loopholes to get the tax breaks intended for struggling companies. Being friendly to business is good, having these loopholes revealed is good in the long run. Now they can be fixed.

chrisretusn 8 months
One story from the Guardian (UK) about Netflix, rest not related to Summary Title.

skipgrumblis 8 months
Damn. You all tired of winning yet? I’m not sure I can afford all this winning..
Hannibal 8 months
I get a strange feeling you merely read the headline and accepted the shallow analysis.

M.Twain 8 months
Trump admin tax policy gave the middle class an 8% tax hike. Deductions used by the middle class were eliminated, while deductions for the rich and businesses were left in place. Trump was right when he told his rich buddies, that the new tax plan made them a whole lot richer.
Beisht Kione 8 months
An 8% smaller return does not mean that there was a 8% tax hike. Those are two completely different things. Sorry Twain, but you just made yourself look really dumb and blinded by partisan politics.
M.Twain 8 months
BK, you get 8% less in your return you just paid 8% more in taxes. Not a tough concept to understand.
Beisht Kione 8 months
So you make 100 dollars a year. You pay 10 dollars in taxes at the end of the year and you usually get 1 dollar back. That's a 9% effective tax rate. An 8% drop in that return, would mean that you would only get back 92 cents. That's an effective tax rate of 9.08%. An 8% tax hike would mean that, instead of initially paying 10% in taxes, in this situation, you would be paying 18%. That would put the total taxes paid at 18 dollars. If you still got that 1 dollar return, your effective tax rate would be at 17%. And this is where you are wrong. You said 8% tax hike, when in actuality it's only a 0.8% tax hike. The change is occurring in what is recieved back, not to the total as your comment suggests. Two completely different things. *PS- I'm terrible at math, so my numbers could be wrong, but the overarching concept I'm showing you is still correct.