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drakethesnake 5 months
Trump voters: WALLS WORK REEEE

Joseph McHugh 5 months
And so it begins. "Apes, Together, Strong, Me Boyo's!"

YoDude 5 months
Hell yeah! Let em go, they earned it.

Thomas Corcoran 5 months
Help me my Brudda.

david dindu 5 months
the wall just got 10 feet higher

Seth Racc 5 months
No joke,scientists are saying they have entered the Stone Age. We fucked boys

tayla 5 months
Up to some monkey business.

Rave Biscuits 5 months
I don't know (and I'm not an anomal rights softy) but I kind of feel like when an animal is capable of, and motivated to , escape their pen then they shouldn't really be in one. But I understand that there is a complicated issue of "if they live in the wild then humans will simply out compete them and drive them out anyway, and we really can't stop the beautiful complexity of human lives for the sake of far less complex non-human creatures. Just for the record I'd be a vegitarian if it weren't for the fact that soy beans are always less happy and experiential than pigs (to simplify my position massively obviously). If people were to leave nature intact at the expense of population growth then it would be a harder thing to argue, but to be realistic the choice is really between bean farms and animal farms. And at least animals farms can enjoy being 'free range' ect. So I feel that vegans should really be arguing for the most free range farms possible, instead of joyless vegitable farms.

Matt 5 months
who used alz-112

Raymond M Hein Jr 5 months
build a wall joke

Stolen the Skull 5 months
Wasoiski analyzes!

Kurt Mayer 5 months

Ophaniel.Xero 5 months
Good they should be in a sanctuary that resembles their original habitat not a zoo.

ZK AY 5 months
rumor has it he wants to be elected again

HSV1887 5 months
The ability of the apes to outsmart a human architect gets way less impressive, when you find out the Zoo was built by Sinn Fein voters.
Tom Moon 5 months
poor effort, I was thinking there was some kind of new guerrilla group in the making, but Sinn Fein built it, pure shite ya bigot.

Lance 5 months
they're getting smarter. this is evidence of that.
Justin Kidd 5 months
Yeah it's not like chimps can climb in the nature.
Drums 5 months
Nope. First time. A historical moment caught on film. It's a wonderful time to be alive.

skipgrumblis 5 months
I’m sure the asylum seekers would never think. Of this.

Ed Murnaghan 5 months
Well...I suspect the end is near...

Joe Joyce 5 months

Left Center Back 5 months
Jack O'Brien-Cairney (The Notorious JOB) 5 months
“If chimps were everywhere and full freedom like people do, we’d have a fucking serious problem. It’d be chaos.”