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hansen sun 10 months
All hail emperor trump

AlexK 10 months
Only fools question his mighty power.

(Un)Fortunate Son 10 months
You do realize this was meant to be an insult to Trump right? There’s text on the side criticizing Tariffs. The funny thing is they did such an amazing job on the thing that it’s not much of an insult as it is a glorious testament to the God Emperor.

Ripkan 34 10 months
So you Trumpers know where he derives his "power" right? Read Revelation, its Trumps biography- it doesn't end well, "at the LAST trump", he took the keys to the world- and we all know who gave it to him. "Knowledge will pass away".
(Un)Fortunate Son 10 months
The last trump? He’s not the last. He has a son and a daughter ya know.
Ripkan 34 10 months
I do know. I understand the power of God, unfortunate one, you clearly do not. As I am also sure there are others born after Baron named Trump. "He will command the mightiest military in the world", "at the LAST trump", meaning, his name will go with him. You put your faith in the wrong place, he will not succeed.

Lord Baktor 10 months
Whomever started te "God Emperor Trump" meme must have the most spectacular shit-eating grin ever since he or she saw this.
Timothy Dornan 10 months
Don’t know who started it, but Carl Benjamin was the first I heard use it.
Lord Baktor 10 months
So did I, I assumed he got it from 4chan or his own Discord or something. I think if it was his own idea he would have mentioned it in the video he did about this glorious sculpture.

Watheverable GRAMPS 10 months
We are the Emperor's fury!

Patrick Albath 10 months
The God emperor protects. 😁

StrangeCalibur 10 months
Simply amazing......