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Sapper82 9 months
Good!! I’m an Englishman and can see it is needed to protect AMERICAN citizens. You guys are constantly called horrible names by the left if you want to protect your borders. I think it’s disgusting. Like most yanks I’ve met, they don’t care if migrants come over but it must be done legally and safely. America’s only priority should be it’s people, everyone else comes second. That’s simple. You’re NOT racist for thinking like that, the world knows that. England stands by your side as a proud ally.
J. A. E. 9 months
The wall is not a viable solution to border security. Show me any wall and I will show you a way to get over, under, around or through it. Most illegal immigrants in America actually came here by plane. The billions to spend building the and who knows how much maintaining the wall should be used in more responsible ways. I am an American and I am more worried about actual American citizens when it comes to violence and crime.
Daddy Tito 9 months
Hungary built a fence and it dropped illegal immigration over 90 percent. It’s not about making it impossible it’s about reducing it.
Daddy Tito 9 months
Also gangs, drugs, and human traffickers don’t come by plane and overstay visas.

Tin Ego 9 months
Democrats are opposing a physical barrier because it championed by Trump. I’m from outside America and it’s blindly obvious from where I stand. They can’t clap in SOTU even for record ethnic employment figures they are the party of Anti Trump and they’re gonna get spanked in 2020 like never before you watch and see if they don’t. I’ve seen it before in other countries, the left are so convinced of their rightness that they always think they lost because a, they weren’t far enough left and , b because the electorate misunderstood the message. They then lurch further left and shout louder.
drakethesnake 9 months
The Democrats went right in the last election.... Hillary supported building a barrier on the southern boarder.

Daddy Tito 9 months
I’d much rather he get funding the right way.
Michael Jazz 9 months
Is there REALLY a "right" way tho? Wether it's through the private sector, Congress or out his own pocket; a wall is a wall and we want it
Root Beer 9 months
It's been turned into a partisan political conflict. Not long ago Obama was preaching more fencing to applause from the left. The majority of Americans want more fencing. Politicians on the left don't want it because they want the illegal vote after they are made citizens. Beacuse we know illegals never vote illegally.
Jacob 9 months
Me too but that may not be possible with how Congress is, at the end of the day I don't care how it's taken care of I just want it built

drakethesnake 9 months
I thought Mexico would pay for it.
joe Vasquez 9 months
They are, I lowered all my illegals wages
Tio BRIDGE 9 months
Your what?

joe Vasquez 9 months
I hope!!! Please build the wall!!!