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American Patriot 9 months
if walls are not part of the solution let's take them down from all the prisons in those states that object. how long would that last. apparently no walls aren't helping the problem last I checked either.
Colin M. 9 months
Walls do in fact have an impact, but a minimal one when looking at the overall problem. It's just a fact that leaving the wall as is or with minor improvements and focusing money elsewhere would have a bigger impact than massively beefing up the wall and making sure it is 100% walled off. Not only can walls be easily gotten around, the vast majority of illegal immigrants in the USA (from southern border) crossed legally first, and just didn't leave. A wall will do literally zero to combat this. Over the last 20 to 30 years (IIRC) illegal border crossings at the southern border went from a little under 2 million per year to under 200k per year. Hardly a crisis now if it wasn't a far more pressing one in the past.
(Un)Fortunate Son 9 months
What they meant is say is that the wall won’t fix the underlying issues of illegal immigration. This is one of the most left-leaning areas of the state due to demographics and political culture.
American Patriot 9 months
where does walls have minimal impact? are you saying built it complete or dont bother?