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Ognar 5 months
This seems like the type of program that is needed to incentivize women to have children that societies worried about declining population should consider. I do hope it requires that they be born in that country, otherwise they may find older women immigrating there to take advantage of the system?
Stephen 5 months
Perhaps include a stipulation that they must assimilate into the culture? Otherwise this is just inviting people to forcibly change the culture by way of numbers. Not saying this is some Conspiracy, it's just the nature of the area.
DKO 5 months
They shouldn't be promoting having kids, they should be promoting forming families. Give tax breaks to couples after 3 or 4 years of marriage. It's not enough for more people to be born, they need to be raised right.
Fake Doors 5 months
@DKO You are assuming that if a couple is married then the kids will be raised right? Bad couples "staying together for the family" can do more emotional damage to the kids then if they lived with single parents.