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Shadowman311 7 months
So people protest over blackface but not over infanticide? this country is so fucked
SimonR 7 months
Feminists paint their faces with menstrual blood and support the murder of black babies.
KAO 7 months
Beyond fucked.
MyOpinionIsNotImportant 7 months
I didn't realize that we had a huge infanticide problem in the US ... oh wait you probably just don't know what it means so let me help you .. its when someone kills a child within the first year of birth ... perhaps you meant protesting abortion... My mistake if your blind but I see people protesting abortion everyday ... the beauty of the US is that we have the right to protest anything we believe in.

Blaeingr 7 months
While I believe what he did many years ago was acceptable then and he shouldn't be damned based on the past, he and his ilk have established the current persecution mindset. I could say he deserves what he gets, I don't support his persecution anymore than I support the persecution by SJWs of any one else.
Experiment Eks 7 months
Not gonna lie, there's just something so satisfying watching people get a dose of their own poison.
Blaeingr 7 months
EE, I wholeheartedly agree... karma is a bitch that doesn't need my participation 😉
DKO 7 months
Schadenfreude aside, even if it was unacceptable, people can change, and should be forgiven if they ask for forgiveness.

Christopher Harbutt 7 months
It really troubles me that there are people out there who are going through yearbooks, social media etc trying to find dirt on people.
Paris Cloud 7 months
what troubles me is he'll get a pass on it from the MSM after doing the same thing to conservatives.
Paul Dixon 7 months
What troubles me is that it took a decades old year book photo to create outrage from the democrats and not him wanting to kill babies
Hr.Pottemager 7 months
when did he say he wanted to kill babies?

Ralph 7 months
lol " you've done a fine job and gotten quite far on you merits but you might have worn blackface 30 years ago so your a terrible person and you should resign" - some Twitter morons who think they're influencial
Petri Fide 7 months
I agree with you; however, identity politics and character assassinations is the standard set by the regressive left. So he must be tard and feathered for the sake of the regressive world view.
Ralph 7 months
Blaeingr 7 months
PNW, the regressives have taken character assassination to a whole new level, but there was a time when fundamentalists on the right gleefully engaged in it in a prominent manner.

Joe Novosel 7 months
CNN labeled him a republican in that thumbnail, fake news right there
Horst Nietzsche 7 months
is anyone surprised? the Democrat's have always been racist they are trying to press that label on the Republican's but it's only projection.

Bones 7 months
Can we stop digging through people's past to find any little thing to prosecute them with?
SportsBoi 7 months
So it’s bad when republicans do it, but when democrats do it, it’s ok?
Petri Fide 7 months
This is a product of identity politics of the regressive left.
Bones 7 months
@TherealWorld, did I say anything about republicans or democrats? nice projection there dude.

Andre Gerard 7 months
Are they trying to take him out of the firing line after he spilled the beans on how Democrats see their ideal abortion laws?

T.N. Morgan 7 months
Actually, this makes perfect sense. Planned Parenthood was founded by a racist bitch for the purpose of killing black babies. Of course the guy supporting a bill that would legalized infanticide in Virginia would be in photos with a bunch of kkk wizards.

xThenoirx 7 months
I love this. So the left will sit there and say that racists are raised and created. But in this situation we should over look it because you know....’this one is on our side’ Absolutely a shame

Vault Tec USA 7 months
People do stupid crap when there younger but people grow up get serious and mature. Leave the man alone Christ.
Nika D 7 months
If he hadn’t been totally using the “Gillespie is a racist” card during the election, I’d totally let it pass. It’s just the hypocrisy and utter lack of self awareness that gets me. I think people being able to evolve on ideas is actually a good thing on itself.
Markus Bergwache 7 months
Dude... Duuuude....
M R 7 months
On the top of the list of things myself and others have NOT done as stupid young people. 🖕

shadowhawk 7 months
Ladies and gents, the governor of my state! 🙄
Paul Dixon 7 months
At this moment I hate that I’m a Virginian

Conspiracy Bear 7 months
CNN is fake news af. they new what they were doing. Cooper knows he is not a Republican he said that shit on purpose to fool there low info viewers.

Fam Mader 7 months
Great, there will be great videos about this from my favorite YouTubers.
Blaeingr 7 months

OUTRAW mf 7 months
he better resign. Democrats are willing to send death threats to a kid that dares to smile while White then any government employee that's ever been in blackface has to become an instant pariah
Andrew Colomy 7 months
I dont think that'll happen because the left doesn't legitimately hate the right for being racist. They hate them because they hate Trump. It's entirely 100% personal

AW1990 7 months
maybe in 2036-2044 when the next generation of Republicans are able to vote and the next generation of Democrats have mostly been aborted. 2036-2044 will be interesting election years due to the wide spread use of abortions by mostly democratic individuals.

Miles O'Brien 7 months
Accusations do not equal guilt.
Michael Jazz 7 months
M R 7 months
Jason J Mitchell 7 months
Very true. They do not. Neither with Trump. Evidence and admission of guilt however. ..

Daddy Tito 7 months
Equity and equality cannot exist together.
Mozgus 7 months
yeah. but which word did he use?

Experiment Eks 7 months
While he and Kathy Tran try to silently push for that infanticide bill.
Captain Obvious 7 months
Apparently that's what 'racial equality' means to them
Stephen 7 months
He said "Equity" not "Equality". Basically the difference is equal outcome vs. equal opportunity.

Mike Clark 7 months
Teenagers performing edgy jokes for the fancy dress... I'm so shocked! I he was an adult, I would expect to be more mature and respectful. But this was him as a teenager. Everyone is stupid as a teenager. This why the democrats are filled with far-left ideologes. Because all the normal ones will have skeletons in the closet that will be pulled out to shame them out of the party. The far-left ones are drilled with sjw crap from birth. So they live boring PC lives.
infamousAgent 7 months
how old do you think you are in medical school?
Atros Veritas 7 months
IA, I believe the average is around 22 which is relatively young. The teenage argument is that the person is still young which can somewhat apply to 22. And it’s not like College goers are known for their morality.
William Siauw 7 months
how is wearing a racist garb, even during that time a joke?

Vic A 7 months
Another Democrat soon to be taken out with their own stupid outrage mobs . . . Go figure.