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Virtual Signals 7 months
Suggests killing babies at nine months or even born, Lefties are cool with that. Wears black makeup decades ago... he must be destroyed!!!

Lumpy 7 months
didn't he also call the first slaves to America "indentured servants"? somebody give this racist the hook

Watheverable GRAMPS 7 months
Lefties can't even live up to their own rules.

themdg MOD 7 months
So the rest of his term will be focused on fixing his own image somehow? Who cares about him? What about what VA needs?

Jason J Mitchell 7 months
They should look harder. If he is scum enough to wear black face, he is corrupt as hell.
(Un)Fortunate Son 7 months
What does one thing have to do with the other in that statement? You can be a racist and not be corrupt.
Lord Baktor 7 months
Or maybe he learned from his mistakes, evolved as a person and is now an exemplar citizen (not that I believe that to be the case, I was exaggerating in the opposite direction to your statement). Assumptions can go either way and they are usually wrong. Edit: Typos
(Un)Fortunate Son 7 months
Then again, he is a member of the Democrat Party. The entire party relies heavily upon race-baiting, virtue-signaling, and lying for votes.

Miles O'Brien 7 months
Accusations do not equal guilt.
Michael Jazz 7 months
M R 7 months
Jason J Mitchell 7 months
Very true. They do not. Neither with Trump. Evidence and admission of guilt however. ..

Hank Hill 7 months
what is racial equity? like Asian people not getting into Harvard for working to hard?
Hank Hill 7 months
I just looked it up and it's complete b's. No thank you.

Nika D 7 months
Of course he will. The party of hypocrisy strikes again. And with social justice no less? I’d expect no less from an outright racist.

R L 7 months
Had your chance so long Baby murderer

(Un)Fortunate Son 7 months
It’s okay to have prejudice on skin color because races are what the Democratic Party has been trying to push for the entire history of their existence. They were the ones who started the civil war, the ones who claimed it was a war about slavery. They were the ones who put segregation into place and have since swapped it out for a more “politically correct” version of it called “Affirmative Action”. I dislike the Republican Party but I despise the democrats. They are ironically against everything they claim to be and they don’t even notice it.
Judi Em 7 months
And that's why he ran as a democrat....

Daddy Tito 7 months
“I can still moonwalk right guys?”

Daddy Tito 7 months
Equity and equality cannot exist together.
Mozgus 7 months
yeah. but which word did he use?

Eileen Dover 7 months
Says everything

Experiment Eks 7 months
While he and Kathy Tran try to silently push for that infanticide bill.
Captain Obvious 7 months
Apparently that's what 'racial equality' means to them
Stephen 7 months
He said "Equity" not "Equality". Basically the difference is equal outcome vs. equal opportunity.

david dindu 7 months
the 4th in line republican in that state wore blackface. virginia might turn communist

Hannibal 7 months
Doubtful. Virginia is the beneficiary of too much government largesse. Most of our richest counties are in Virginia and their residents enrich themselves off the public trough.

AW1990 7 months
maybe in 2036-2044 when the next generation of Republicans are able to vote and the next generation of Democrats have mostly been aborted. 2036-2044 will be interesting election years due to the wide spread use of abortions by mostly democratic individuals.

Steven Cline 7 months
This is why the Democrats are throwing them under the bus.

Don Grantham 7 months
Dems will never tolerate racism. Unless they can use it as a political weapon.

Tommy Hawkins 7 months
There's nothing so intolerant as the 'tolerant' Left.