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SimonR 9 months
Capital punishment. Fry this goon.
(Un)Fortunate Son 9 months
Can’t according to the 8th amendment. We can however lock him in a cell for the rest of his pitiful existence.

OptimusPrima 9 months
I mean, sure I guess it could be some crazy maniac breaking down your door and impersonating police but... he was involved in criminal activities and it was obvious he knew they were actual police officers.
Ognar 9 months
As long as the police are properly identifying themselves I'll side with them, but the "no knock" entries shake my faith that a person could believe that they were being robbed or attacked by a rival. At which point still try the person for murder/manslaughter and weapons charges linked to other illegal activities, but leave out the assault on police charge trump up.

Cory Pritchard 9 months
Native born Americans commit violent crimes more often than illegal immigrants. Tell me again why we need a.wall? Facts over feelings.
Ognar 9 months
These violent crimes are all amplified by the steady crime of being in the US illegally in the first place. Every single one of these crimes was easily prevented by simply keeping the criminal out of the country! Every single illegal alien commits a crime every single minute of every day they are here in direct contravention to US law, that is how laws work. So the claim that they are doing nothing wrong is blatantly false.
Cory Pritchard 9 months
Being in the US illegally is by definition not a violent crime. Staying on topuc, I simply stated that native born Americans commit violent crimes at a higher rate than illegal immigrants do. The focus seems to be on the less dire issue, illegal immigrants.
(Un)Fortunate Son 9 months
Cory, illegals being within the United States is a crime: they shouldn’t be within our nation in the first place. Native born crime has nothing to do with immigrant crime as those are two different problems that require different solutions. Justice is individual and requires examination of individual motives and evidence. Don’t spout your feelings as factual. If people want to enter the United States they can do so through the various systems we have in place.