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Conscientific 1 weeks
News reporter: Mr. Trudeau, there seems to be a manhunt to find out... —Trudeau: It’s ‘peoplehunt’, not manhunt.
Prairie Prepper 777 1 weeks
Petri Fide 1 weeks
Starr 1 weeks
Actually, it's mxnhunt

Rocky LeBlanc 1 weeks
Imagine my shock. No seriously you would have to imagine it because it doesn't exist.
Artemis Good 1 weeks
Oliver Biscuit 1 weeks
Takes after his father. Fidel lied, cheated and stole all the time.

Daddy Tito 1 weeks
Didn’t think he was competent enough to be corrupt.
Jesse Mazis 1 weeks
The competent don't get caught
Rudy Concepcion 1 weeks
Oh Don’t get me wrong, Trudeau is very competent at being a shill for the globalist elites who want a world without borders and absolute power while the common man squabbles amongst themselves over petty things like micro aggressions and safe spaces. Underestimating him is a very dangerous thing to do.
(Un)Fortunate Son 1 weeks
“A world without borders”... Isn’t that the very definition of imperialism? Someone can go to a different country and claim it to be theirs... I don’t understand how the globalist elite got to be elites. Surely they would be able to afford decent education on how the world works.

Asante Brooks 1 weeks
The neo liberal darling corrupt ay? Who would have known....

Awesomite 098 1 weeks
The only thing surprising was when we finally saw the head lines we’ve all been expecting.

Prairie Prepper 777 1 weeks
Get this piece of fake feminist liberal crap out of the office!hang him, and his whole cabinet!!! The damage these retards has done to our societies are beyond repairable, dont forget what they done!!!
william snedker 1 weeks
I’m a Brit so I don’t know the ins and outs of Canadian politics but are you telling me that making the cabinet’s genders equal it didn’t solve all the problems?
István Károly Farkas 1 weeks
Which of his offenses makes you want to have him hanged?
(Un)Fortunate Son 1 weeks
William, if only it were just making the genders equal. That’s what they tell you before they start removing rights and punishing thought crimes. Think about #MeToo. Think about #BelieveAllWomen. They don’t care about men or their rights as human beings. Recently in the UK a mother of two was arrested for misgendering someone on Twitter. Someone was arrested for voicing their own opinion on a free speech platform.

Çağatay Ö. 1 weeks
Miss Canada gets heat

Jason J Mitchell 1 weeks
Took longer than I thought it would.

Dr. Jones 1 weeks
According to him, fire is now sexist, racist, homophobic and islamophobic...

Phantom Llama 1 weeks
Corruption? From this government? Who ever could have guessed? /s
(Un)Fortunate Son 1 weeks
Wherever there is government money there will be those trying to exploit it.

NPC #1337 1 weeks
Alternate headline: “degenerate retard gets caught acting retarded.”
(Un)Fortunate Son 1 weeks
“Degenerates like you belong on a cross” ~ Legionary Decanus

Terry carling 1 weeks
Oh no all peoplekind are going to twiggerd

hansen sun 1 weeks
why am I not surprised

Petri Fide 1 weeks
Merkel's Canadian girlfriend under fire.

David Ball 1 weeks
I like how there’s “right” “left” and “CANADA” tags on sources. I get it but still lol
Ryan M 1 weeks
I know, right. I put in links to the right-leaning Toronto Sun and to the increasingly far left CBC with an aim to present both ends of the spectrum, but when they all get marked as "Canada" the distinction gets blurred. I wish there was a way to indicate where non-US sources are on the political spectrum.
Presley Perswain 1 weeks
Newsvoice has said they are working on supporting multiple tags per source. So we just need to wait a few weeks.

Zk “Zk” AY 1 weeks
too bad it isn't live fire. death to all traitors

Darth Vader 1 weeks
Here is the problem they are having this Liberal government has been known to grandstand and talk down to people and act they are perfect and know that image is being hurt by this and they don't know what to do.

Nomeacasoxlogin NACXL 1 weeks
Just you wait: soon investigations and inquries are going to be labeled racist, misoginistic, patriarchial, homofobic, islamofobic, peoplekindofobic, bigotted and sexist..
Ryan M 1 weeks
They're already going after Maxime Bernier with all those labels. They're scared of him.

Alexander Perry 1 weeks
Trump curse strikes again

Darth Quaint 1 weeks
random thought: social leftists like AOC complain that all the wealth is hoarded by families engaging in nepotism (despite most here in the US being first gen). Why, then, did the social leftists of Canada vote Trudeau in on just his name?