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Der Rikmeister 1 weeks
Regardless, we definitely know that Warren won't be Native American in 2020.

Alex Kasal 1 weeks
And that old bitch might not be alive to see it.

Dan 1 weeks
how! Fauxcahontus speaks with forked tongue...

J. 1 weeks
Trump isn't even "free" now! He's actually rather expensive. After all, Putin paid $300,000,000 for him. I just hope he kept the receipt. Sorry, Vlad, no returns once you've used the product.

Christopher Petersen 1 weeks
She must have said that after a few beers......

AltMiddle 1 weeks
Just another log on the bonfire that is why Trump's getting re-elected.

Steven Cline 1 weeks
Still waiting for evidence. So far every piece that has come forward has proven to not be proof of collusion. Not even coordination.

Prodigal Liberal 1 weeks
She's not even remotely as pretty as pocahontas. But yeah keep hurling Trump hate words so people will get fatigued and just vote him more.

Kempenator 1 weeks
This quote minus the reference. eg. "In 2020 Trump may not be a free man" was the story in Australia. Clickbait crap with the rest of story of who will win over Trump. MSM neither impartial or intelligent.

Darth Quaint 1 weeks
Retired Army refrigerator repairman Nathan Phillips was on hand to beat drums in solidarity with Warren. This just in: Phillips was unable to move further through the crowd when he encountered Virginian democrats smiling awkwardly in black face or otherwise looking nervous in their Wednesday Klan attire.

Toby Lunn 1 weeks
I wouldn't fuck with the Troll King if I were Warren, he's already absolutely destroyed her. How she has the nerve to run after the Pocahontas debacle is just unbelievable. She must have bigger balls than her cuck-husband.

R L 1 weeks
I like her I've heard she drinks beer and lives with her husband

SimonR 1 weeks
Lock her up, she's clearly committed fraud when she lied about her race on her ID cards and such

Justin Kidd 1 weeks
Is she smoking crack out of her peace pipe or what?

joe Vasquez 1 weeks
Ya .....he gonna be president again . Unless people actually want to be poor again.

Brian of Life 1 weeks
Absolutely delusional. What happened to the Democratic party in America, Jed Bartlett would be spinning in his grave...

Luficer Morningstar 1 weeks
Still wouldn't vote for you Warren , fake Indian

drakethesnake 1 weeks
Lock him Up!
Planned Obsoylescence 1 weeks
Got proof of any illegal activity?
Beisht Kione 1 weeks
Keep dreaming
drakethesnake 1 weeks
Blatant bribery from the New York mafia, Saudi, China, Turkey, Japan, Isreal, Brazil, Dozens of US corporations beyond the regular campaign bribery US politicians receive. All of which violate the emoluments clause of the Constitution. So yes, tonnes of examples and a mountain of evidence from decades of fraud, extortion, criminal activity, money laundering, bribery etc.

david toh 1 weeks
her comeback to trump's "see u in the trail" comment is weak

OUTRAW mf 1 weeks
get fucking real