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Jason J Mitchell 1 weeks
You need evidence for prosecution. Just like the evidence needed for claiming minority status.
rj9955hi 1 weeks
*sound of airhorns in the distance*
Experiment Eks 1 weeks
They've been pushing this Russian collusion bs for years now and still nothing Meanwhile, was that Democratic Sen. Feinstein ever investigated for hiring that Chinese spy? Where did that case go?
Vincent Kozic 1 weeks
Experiment Eks- I understand that there is practically a Pavlov's Dog type of response when it comes to any mention of Trump and criminality, that it always has to be referencing Russian collusion. There is a strong likelihood that throughout his career of swindling and exploitation, Trump will be found to have committed a laundry list of financial crimes, no pun intended. So do you guys think that the FBI will say that because they weren't related to Russian collusion like we were promised that they don't count and Trump isn't going to prison? 😂

Drago5313 1 weeks
This bs again, aren't we done with it already? Get some new themes to rant about please.

HighDegree 1 weeks
They've been saying this shit for over two years now. The only time they say that shit is when they're trying to rile up the rabid leftists that keep these idiots on a pedestal.

Jerry Totten 1 weeks
Warren may not even be a Cherrokee in 2020.
Pete Pajakowski 1 weeks
Horst Nietzsche 1 weeks
have you heard her spin it like oh those mean Republican's have been saying this lie. it's one of those things honestly I don't know many Democrats who actually respect her say what you will but I don't think the Democrat party even cares what most Democrats want.

The Inquisitor 1 weeks
The Trump Russia Collusion and Other tall tales to tell your friends.

1AF2AK 111 1 weeks
Isn’t it illegal to get scholarships based on false minority status? Or affirmative action positions?
(Un)Fortunate Son 1 weeks
Bears Bears Bears 1 weeks
why do you want to know? who did that?
Petri Fide 1 weeks
Liberal Privilege

tim stone 1 weeks
what a pathetic woman

Andrew Colomy 1 weeks
Why? What's gonna happen to him?
Ghost of a Dead Sperm 1 weeks
Dems are gonna try to get him imprisoned for nothing
(Un)Fortunate Son 1 weeks
There’s more evidence condemning the entire DNC than there is evidence condemning Trump.
Justin Kidd 1 weeks
Fauxcahontas is gonna scalp him.

Root Beer 1 weeks
Is that all she will run on? Anti Trump rhetoric?
Pete Pajakowski 1 weeks
Isn't that what ALL of the current field is basically running on? If Uncle Joe doesn't run, it'll be a field of intersectional feminists or socialists. If that's all they can do, I'm leaving the party.
Frederic Lück 1 weeks
We know how that turned out in 2016
redhandsbluefaces 1 weeks
Creepy Uncle Joe isn't much hetter.

Rudy Concepcion 1 weeks
Gonna love all those salty tears when Trump is elected again.

Evolved Ape 1 weeks
If there was collusion, I’d like to know about it. If there wasn’t, I’d like to hear that. I withhold judgement until provided with sufficient evidence.
David R 1 weeks
I agree, but general USA political process seems big on division and not so big on facts lately.
Joe Blogs 1 weeks
I think the way Mueller has gone after petty crimes the way he has and nothing about Trump, is proof enough. And it just had to be Russians. It couldnt be more cliche if they tried.
redhandsbluefaces 1 weeks
Innocent until proven guilty. Therefore assume Trump is innocent.

Dust Phoxner 1 weeks
What are the dems going to do when Muller investigation ends. I better get my liberal tear collector.
Gaz Matic 1 weeks
They will investigate his business and finances and try to find dirt there
(Un)Fortunate Son 1 weeks
They’re probably going to make up an even more absurd conspiracy theory to circulate on the media.
chrisretusn 1 weeks
It's the never ending investigation.

T Ftw 1 weeks
Hillary for prison 2020

Mr. Guevara 1 weeks
I found an exclusive to Elizabeth Warren's next speech. WO— HA— LI WO— HA— LI HEY— YA— HO HEY— YA— HO WAH— LE— LU HEY— HEY HEY— HEY OH— WAH— HEY

Aussie conservative 1 weeks
Chief - lieing BULL is at it again

Brett Ellis 1 weeks
Warren beating on her war drums again

(Un)Fortunate Son 1 weeks
Pocohantas has gone full Facist.

Max Nutty 1 weeks
I love the word "might." Politicians use it to cover their butts. Ex: I said we might be at war in 3 years...I never said we would be.

Mike Oliver 1 weeks
Keep dreaming Fauxcahontas.

Chris Cahill 1 weeks