Southern Baptist leaders and workers abused hundreds

Southern Baptist leaders and workers abused hundreds

Hundreds of Southern Baptist church leaders and workers have been accused of sexual misconduct over the past 20 years, including dozens who returned to church duties. A new report conducted over a six-month period found about 380 Southern Baptist church leaders and workers who were accused of sexual misconduct since 1998 and more than 700 victims.

NPC #9273635
NPC #9273635 1 year

This would never happen with Islam

DKO 1 year

Cue to Protestants that always pretend the Catholics are the only one with a sex pest problem. Good to see the police taking charge.

Stal 1 year

"Some were as young as 3 years old while others were adults when they were abused", the newspapers reported. But this should be okay right @DKO cause Muhammad had a 9 year old bride. So blame Islam

DKO 1 year

The lesson is: never go to the organization first. Go to the police first. Be it a Catholic church, a protestant church, school, university, etc.

Cory Pritchard
Cory Pritchard 1 year

Investgation spans 20 states, hundreds of churches, with allegations dating back to 2007.

Raincloud 1 year

I've worked with victims of sexual abuse professionally, and it's heartbreaking tbh, but what's worse is how sexual abuse scandals are being politicized and used by news organizations to further their agenda against religious institutions - with little actually done to help the victims. Some research indicates that 3 out of 10 children in the US will experience some sort of sexual abuse before reaching adulthood. Do the math and you will realize that proportionately speaking, religious institutions are actually under represented among sexual abuse cases (public schools are actually high on the list, but the blame isn't entirely theirs either, as understandably children spend A LOT of time in school) - and yet the idea of a sexually abusive priest or pastor is an ever present trope in both the 'news' and entertainment media. If youre a believer in church, then I can understand your outrage - you thought it was a safe place for your children. . Moral of the story - watch your kids, don't send them to sleep overs, and don't leave their safety and care in the hands of other people

CommanderVaasDC 1 year

report: water is wet, the natural sky is at night, fat people are fat..... what else was common knowledge that religious organizations are filled with perverted scum.

M.Twain 1 year

The Southern Baptist Convention holds that women are subservient to men. The Catholic Church demands that the Priest take a vow of celibacy. Those two stands wouldn't exasperate the problem at all, would it?

J. 1 year

Hey look. Here's my surprised face. -_-

Paul Flaherty
Paul Flaherty 1 year

More of these demented zealots molding minds and whatever it is they think they're doing to move civilization forward. And still, its happening somewhere, right now!

chrisretusn 1 year

You can't tell me these SBC leaders did not know about this years ago. They did nothing. Now with an investigative report exposé, they are in maximum damage control. "In late July, the SBC said it would form a high-level study group to develop strategies for combatting sexual abusers and ministering to their victims." Sure they will....

Scruffy Stoat
Scruffy Stoat 1 year

But they weren't "REAL" CHRISTIANS!!! REEEEEE!!! They MUST have been SECRET ATHEISTS!!! REEEEE!!!

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