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Serber 6 months
Russia: Oh you want to go again?

..... 6 months
Use AI to contain another AI.

..... 6 months
The simple answer if there is no other way ( there of course is but nobody seems to want to) is to develop ai whose sole purpose is to firewall another ai.

DMan 6 months
I think we need artificial intelligence in our government because there certainly is a lack of organic intelligence throughout.

Janitor Jez BingBangBong 6 months
If their was ever someone more in need of assistance in the intelligence department...

Ben Boyle 6 months
Unfortunately it just looks like a desperate media ploy to look as if they are doing something. No actual funding or tangible thing is being put in place; just a cry to please do a thing

Jack King 6 months
finally somthing good from our President

Big Mikey Roate 6 months
Gizmoto is way bias and their likes and own writing proves it

ConcealCarryProtect 6 months
Make an AI that is racist against Russians, is suicidal, and wants to kill. Then put it in a missile. 👍

Radical Moderate 6 months
Does anyone else see no right answer here? If we don't keep up with the rest of the world by investing into AI we will be surpassed by those who will, which could spell our downfall, but if we do invest into AI, all the nightmares we have been worrying about for years will come to pass... unemployment possibly being the least of our worries.
TaC0CaT Esq. 6 months
What nightmares are you referring to? 2012? Global warming? aliens?
..... 6 months
Use AI to contain another AI.

Aight Bradley 6 months
I seem to know a lot of people whose intelligence is artificial...
Sullivas 6 months
That's like, offensive to my culture beep beep.
Aight Bradley 6 months
I'll be sure to apologize to my roomba for my insensitivity right after I finish saving it from the corner it insists on getting trapped in.

Robert Fisch 6 months
This is something that needs to be left to corperations why at this time with 25 trillion in debt does mr. art of the deal want to devert hard earned tax payer money to crap only thr NSA would use. Im not so sure he hasnt gone to far with his executive order bull shit either? can he do crap like this without the consent of congress.?
theLifeOf 6 months
This is extremely important for defense and keeping America competitive and dominant in the global market. AI will eliminate jobs for sure, even ones like mine. It will also create jobs, things will just shift to something AI can’t do as well. This isn’t the first revolution of this nature society has faced.
Rick Smith 6 months
This is a free market venture regardless of how "important" it is.
Paxton Deer 6 months
Non IT talking about IT... Go figure out how to fix your outlook on your own or something.

Sothensloth 6 months
Woo! Welcome to Metal gear solid 4 boys!
Aight Bradley 6 months
As long as they don't moo.
Francisco Santos 6 months
La li lu lê lo?

GhostCall 6 months
Welcome to skynet!!!

J Killer 6 months
So SkyNet?

Seth Racc 6 months
China plans to make fully AI drones,helicopters,etc.It is in our best interest.
TaC0CaT Esq. 6 months
Who said this? Did you consider that it might be false? Isn't that the only "right" reason for this cause of action? I think the US is pretty far ahead China in this field already
Paxton Deer 6 months
TaC, you are wrong.
TaC0CaT Esq. 6 months
What a comeback

Irrevocably Not! 6 months
He's revealing her he really works for now. No more populism, just special interest agendas.

big boy 6 months
Research would be needed though

Evolved Ape 6 months
I guarantee you so-called ‘progressives’ will find a problem with this.
D-Risky 49 6 months
I’m not sure what so-called progressives is but my main concern with this is the mass displacement of jobs that would be caused by fully fledged AI
PA_Patriot89 6 months
I doubt it. Any 3rd-worlders who come into the US to “take the jobs that Americans don’t want” would be put on government entitlements
Evolved Ape 6 months
I agree. Like the wheel too fucked so many jobs up. We should have banned that too.