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Cory Pritchard 7 months
Calling out a humanitarian crisis doesn't make the congresswoman anti-semetic. This story comes after the senate approves an anti-first amendment bill encouraging governors to not sign contracts with supporters of the BDS movement.
Hannibal 7 months
In fairness, the "Palestinians" were an economic and social backwater long before Israel, Britain, or the Ottomans.
(Un)Fortunate Son 7 months
This also comes after the party openly supported numerous anti-Semitic programs and movements, Free Palestine, Womens March, etc.

infamousAgent 7 months
I find it interesting that so many people are calling out pro Israel lobby groups but not calling out pro Arab lobby groups: (,, and personally, I don't like lobby groups, period but a legal lobby group is a legal lobby group. But it is fascinating that only one group is vilified for having a lobby.
Avi Khait 7 months
There are many lobby groups, like it or not. As long as they are doing their business lawfully and legally, there shouldn't be a problem. But those pesky Jooz, they are aaaalways suspicious.
Tom Moon 7 months
so says the Big Bear 😆
infamousAgent 7 months
@Avi, it's been like that for hundreds of years, so I don't see it stopping anytime soon. but the anti-israel lobby has done a great job of strawmaning the criticism of the criticism as being anti-Semitic, which most Jews don't believe (the majority of the most vociferously critical of Israel are Jews). it is the double standard to which Israel is being held and the uncritical eye with which the anti-israel faction has regarding how the Palestinians and other Arabs treat their own (looking at you Egypt - gassing a Hamas tunnel killing two) that is why Jews call anti-Semitism on.

Wig Idacious 7 months
What she said about AIPAC is true, which is why they have to silence her rather than debating her claims. In this video a Jewish lawyer shows how the 7,000 Jewish affinity groups in America direct politics.