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Watheverable GRAMPS 6 months
MacrossMX 6 months
Like Obama and Clinton they all smoked cannabis in the past but will never focus on legalize, tax, and regulate a product that have been used throughout history and no one then until US propaganda in the 1930s caused everyone to start opposing it for no reason other than how media at the time paints cannabis as a black man drug. No one wants you Harris but please stay for the race. I am sure your policies are well liked in this generation.
(Un)Fortunate Son 6 months
I dislike the idea of legalizing marijuana. Partially because I don’t want it showing up in school. E-sigs show up in grade schools all of the time.

1AF2AK 111 6 months
Who cares? Legalize it. Why is this a headline? Let’s talk about how she boned her way into a government job and did a terrible job as attorney general
themdg MOD 6 months
That's why she's talking about weed is what we're talking about.
1AF2AK 111 6 months
@themdg good point but at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter it’s all gonna come out if she does end up running. She worries me though

Mozgus 6 months
Rumor has it she moved up the ladder by smoking some elite Dem cock too.
Andre Gerard 6 months
She did it the traditional way for women who want to accomplish something!

Andre Gerard 6 months
Is she just trying to do step by step what Obama did during his campaign?
Toby Lunn 6 months
Didn't he smoke crack and a Male prostitute's cock as well? I guess she could do that too.

Cameron 6 months
here in canada all our leaders smoke the devil's lettuce

Anubis 6 months
I hear she smokes a mean D too.....

Turn N Burn 6 months
Who caaaaaaaaaaares

blob dankness 6 months
who the hell fucking cares if you smojed some weed once in your life. the time it becomes a problem is if your makeing crtical descions while high.

Ben B. 6 months
And? Legalizing marijuana should be a bi-partisan issue. Want to drive down drug costs, Trump? Legalize marijuana and force big pharma to compete, which will in turn lead them to reduce their prices.

Scruffy Stoat 6 months
Pot remaining illegal all these years is proof that both parties are paid off by the same people, big pharma and private prisons. Opioid epidemic caused by big pharma resulting in thousands of deaths every year? Big deal, arrest the pot smokers and let the violent bangers out of prison because they cost too much to secure. You get a fat check from the taxpayers for every inmate, even more profit when you're filled to the brim with nonviolent agriculturalists.

themdg MOD 6 months
I thought Obama put a stop to us caring about things we tell our kids not to do.

Rocky LeBlanc 6 months
I do not support Harris, but who cares what people do with their own body so long as it doesn't negatively impact those around them.

Virtual Signals 6 months
Big deal. Why do politicians in the US keep getting asked this question?
pir8prod 6 months
To expose their hypocisy.

pir8prod 6 months
Going all in for legalization on a federal level is the only chance she has of winning.

Havoc44 6 months
holds up a small pink container* Pence: someone left there pot in the bathroom stalls Mitch McConnell: That's mine Kamala Harris:THAT'S MINE!

M.Twain 6 months
I don't trust anyone who didn't.

Andrew Colomy 6 months

LetterR LetterM 6 months
"look how hip, human, and relatable I am"

Stevie LG 6 months
Its a big deal for her because her entire career shes been more anti-cannabis and pro-law enforcement than most conservatives. She’s literally a cop.

YoDude 6 months
But did she inhale?