Synagogue massacre suspect pleads not guilty

Synagogue massacre suspect pleads not guilty

Robert Bowers, a truck driver accused of killing 11 and wounding seven during an attack on a Pittsburgh synagogue, has pleaded not guilty. Bowers was in federal court Monday. A grand jury on January 29 added 19 counts to the 44 he was already facing. The additional charges include hate crimes violations, obstruction of religious belief and the use of a firearm during crimes of violence.

Rome’s Ebonpyre
Rome’s Ebonpyre 1 year

This man deserves death, shall they have him convicted.

Cory Pritchard
Cory Pritchard 1 year

More than half of all violent crime in America is commited by white Americans.

JanitorJez Umbrella Man
JanitorJez Umbrella Man 1 year

Jesus made him do it.

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