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Brandon Lee 6 months
isn't the refusal to do your job a terminatible offense?
themdg MOD 6 months
You'd think so, but there are just no boundaries any more. No matter the offense, it seems ther is a "yeah, but..." attitude that accompanies it. But just look at the "Sanctuary" stuff going on. "Yeah...federal and state law...but..."
pir8prod 6 months
It boils down to being a states rights issue.
Der Rikmeister 6 months
@pir8prod I can get behind that as long as states take more financial responsibility for dealing with impact (medical, crime, insurance, prison expenses, etc.) of illegal immigrants.

American Patriot 6 months
eventually the people will wake up. but funny how illegals end up on the east coast. put the wall up on the east side of those states maybe they wont object to the wall being put up there. you want illegals than keep them in your backyard you can pay for them.
AW1990 6 months
I live in california and a majority of Californians i know openly support a wall. The politicians of California really only share the sentiment of the people living in the over populated cities, which have all the voting power. its actually amazing how much of california is Republican, just the only votes that realy count at all are La, Sf, and san Diego due to population.
(Un)Fortunate Son 6 months
The democrats need a MAJOR demographic change to win any next election. The only way to get that demographic is to open the borders. Hence why they’re doing everything in their power to discredit the wall.
Herbie Goes Bananas 6 months
AW1990 It's the same situation in Maryland. Baltimore and Annapolis control the whole state.

Got Truth 6 months
I will never step foot in California again. My last trip my family and I dropped $10k into that economy. Now it’s a socialist utopia with crap covered sidewalks. Texas here we come!!
(Un)Fortunate Son 6 months
Please come to Texas and vote red. Our cities are being flooded with blue-voting Californians.

Daddy Tito 6 months
They’re redeploying them along the Oregon border to try to keep people in their shithole state.
DKO 6 months
I was going to say the same, wall California off.

Ryan B 6 months
yeah...tell me how that works out.

Gaz Matic 6 months

Julia Poindexter 6 months
Gavin Newsom looks like a Crime Lord.

(Un)Fortunate Son 6 months
As if that is the least of California’s worries.

T.N. Morgan 6 months
Pfft. He'll just send more down. We got a lot of soldiers, dipshit.

dindu jujitsu 6 months
I hear California has to put razor wire around road signs. WTF... why?

NPC#1337 T3H H0nkulAr 6 months
He looks like a bad guy from the punisher

Pj Sina 6 months
I hate my states local government, the majority of California hates him, he got elected by San Francisco and Los Angeles.

SimonR 6 months
California is willfully destroying border security, I think that is cause to declare a national emergency

Wino-wisdom 6 months
California is goimg to have a lot more gardeners and maids looking for work soon - market's going to be saturated

Sir Dragon 6 months
Is that really a smart thing ? The troops guard the Border for a reason , especially on the west-border atm

Tommy Hawkins 6 months
It makes sense to the Leftists who see illegals as a source of future votes, larger census numbers in their districts, and poorly paid labor.

Paul Flaherty 6 months
Trupsters in unison balk at the common sense moves of public officials that have been elected without the help of Russian operatives. Even poking fun at how folks look. Trump is going to resign in disgrace, once his family members are all indicted for their roles in getting this moron, with the help of a foreign adversary, placed in the white house.
Jaren Means 6 months
how is this common sense?
Russ Kurtell 6 months
Paul, genuine question. How do you still believe the Russian narrative? Two years no evidence. ALL indictments not only not even related to election fraud, but most are Russians that will never be extradited. Rod Rosenstein himself admits absolutely no links to Trump... So do you even try and find the truth or are you so partisan you might as well be an NPC.
Milios 6 months

AltMiddle 6 months
A coast guard admiral, could you get any more useless?

Michael Tatom 6 months

Rocky LeBlanc 6 months
And in other treasonous news...