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Irish Mike 1 weeks
cowards. are they scared the troops might actually complete their mission? don't they understand the drugs coming from Mexico are killing our people? don't they understand the human trafficking is coming from Mexico? don't they understand the violent hang members are coming from Mexico. it's not just the poor immigrants crossing the boarder..
M.Twain 1 weeks
Don't you understand that the drugs come in through ports of entry, don't you understand human trafficking comes in through ports of entry.

Watheverable GRAMPS 1 weeks
Screwing the US to own Trump😒

Wino-wisdom 1 weeks
California is goimg to have a lot more gardeners and maids looking for work soon - market's going to be saturated

SimonR 1 weeks
California is willfully destroying border security, I think that is cause to declare a national emergency

Sir Dragon 1 weeks
Is that really a smart thing ? The troops guard the Border for a reason , especially on the west-border atm

Rosie Palmer 1 weeks
I hear California has to put razor wire around road signs. WTF... why?

T.N. Morgan 1 weeks
360? That's it? Trump can send a few thousand new ones down with one order. Among the things we always have in abundance are soldiers and guns.

T.N. Morgan 1 weeks
Pfft. He'll just send more down. We got a lot of soldiers, dipshit.

Daddy Tito 1 weeks
They’re redeploying them along the Oregon border to try to keep people in their shithole state.
DKO 1 weeks
I was going to say the same, wall California off.

Allen Smith (AJ) 🇦🇺 1 weeks
It seems to me that democrats will not be happy until they see America destroyed 🤔

(Un)Fortunate Son 1 weeks
As if that is the least of California’s worries.

Property 1 weeks
look at that fucking face

Ryan B 1 weeks
yeah...tell me how that works out.

Tommy Hawkins 1 weeks
It makes sense to the Leftists who see illegals as a source of future votes, larger census numbers in their districts, and poorly paid labor.

Rocky LeBlanc 1 weeks
And in other treasonous news...

Pj Sina 1 weeks
I hate my states local government, the majority of California hates him, he got elected by San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Michael Tatom 1 weeks

John Bull 1 weeks
Maybe the bordering states need walls.....

AltMiddle 1 weeks
A coast guard admiral, could you get any more useless?

NPC #1337 1 weeks
He looks like a bad guy from the punisher