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U WOT M8 7 months
Beta gona beta.
Captain Obvious 7 months
Beat me to it...well played sir

Daddy Tito 7 months
You can never trust someone who feels the need to lie about their race.
Andrew Colomy 7 months
does Obama count? He lied about his religion. Hes really Muslim.
Ralph 7 months
Arabic name =/= muslim
Daddy Tito 7 months
Religion =/= race

Kable tha Kiid 7 months
Fake ass latino. Just like Pocahontas Elizabeth Warren, 😂 just be who you are! It’s okay to be white.
Center Right Latino 7 months
ehhh, it's kinda not right now...
beanie weaine 7 months
It’s definitely not ok to be white in today’s climate.
Center Right Latino 7 months
Kable, this is the issue with the left. If a Mexican or Black don't toe the line we aren't properly ethnic enough. Get that identitarian BS out of here. Stop blindly following the media and think rationally. I'm personally very glad I'm not white, it's literally not even PC to be a white Male in today's America, at least not here in Cali. Hell I'm feeling that way just being a Male of any race..

Watheverable GRAMPS 7 months
Another loser protesting the president, imagine my shock.

Austin Cherry 7 months
I guess his calendar is pretty clear these days.

Michael Tatom 7 months
This guy should team in with Warren. Ha ha ha

Andre Gerard 7 months
I thought skaters like walls. 🤔

Cary Brown 7 months
That man is telling barefaced lies, someone needs to expose his rhetoric. I suppose some people still believe that nonsense about mistreatment of illegals.
Mister Brown 7 months
no! Imagine someone in power lying to your face! At least the President has never- Wait
Vault Tec USA 7 months
Thanks MB

M3AAA 7 months
Well, I'm not surprised he is doing this. He does have a lot of free time.

Thomas Corcoran 7 months
Uummmm sorry but walls aren't racist.

(Un)Fortunate Son 7 months
Witness the political suicide of Beto.

Anubis 7 months
A big Veto on Beto!

Presley Perswain 7 months
'March against [the] wall' ... Sounds very communist. They're always talking about who will be the first against the wall when the revolution comes. And with Trump wall they'll have the long wall they need to put people up against. So you think they'd be pro-wall.

Andre Gerard 7 months
I will never be able to look at Beta without thinking of Steve Buscemi doing his "hello fellow kids" bit.

Daddy Tito 7 months
You know what’s racist? Lying about your race.

R L 7 months
Wow! no one cares

T.N. Morgan 7 months
Walls are racist, the weather is racist, milk is racist, Pepe memes are racist, smirks are racist... what's next? Air? Is breathing racist? All these libtards should stop doing that immediately then.

SimonR 7 months
Beto? Beta!

Judi Em 7 months
TaKe a hike, Hispanic imposter. Or at least get on Eliz Warren's ticket.