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Women sue Yale, saying off-campus fraternities discriminate

Women sue Yale, saying off-campus fraternities discriminate

Three women sued Yale University and nine fraternities on Tuesday, saying the off-campus clubs harbored a culture of sexual discrimination and assault. The women said the fraternities discriminated against them by rejecting them on the basis of gender. An attorney representing the fraternities in the lawsuit called the accusations ’baseless and unfounded’.

T.N. Morgan
T.N. Morgan 1 year

Are sororities going to be opened to males in return? Nah, because fuck actual equality, we just want special privileges.

CommanderVaasDC 1 year

she got sexually assaulted... so instead of going after her attacker. shes sueing to let all women into the frat?...uh .. what

MyOpinionIsNotImportant 1 year

😂😂😂 Go to court and sue the dude who sexually assaulted you for sure ... but to sue over inclusion due to future benefits that someone being in a fraternity enjoys ? Get your s*** together and be better as women instead of throwing tantrums... The Latin origin of fraternity comes from fratres which means brothers ... get over it.

PA_Patriot89 1 year

If fraternities were to include females, wouldn’t it exacerbate the potential for any sexual misconduct in the future? Just a thought.

O'Brien 1 year

Is there anything women hate more than men having their own space?

Wino-wisdom 1 year

Let them in, they can make a sandwich for all the guys [joke]

Mark90 1 year

Not as bad as this:

Deadman 0_0
Deadman 0_0 1 year

Oh look, feminists wanting special treatment instead of actual equality. Shocker.

(Un)Fortunate Son
(Un)Fortunate Son 1 year

Because feminists are against all hierarchy.

Ryan 1 year

How long until we see the first all female sororities within fraternities? Kinda like the all girls boy scout troop.

Brandon Barnett
Brandon Barnett 1 year

If there was sexual assualt going on college campus then it should be reported. I am just willing to bet though this is just feminist pushing their agenda. The other is because we have a witch hunt

Judi Em
Judi Em 1 year

LOL. Then after they get in they will start a female-only fraternity... just like the new, girls-only Boy Scout troop!!

Mark90 1 year

Men are the ones who should continue suing Yale for misandry. Come on. Fight harder.

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