BBC cameraman was shoved during Trump rally in El Paso.

BBC cameraman was shoved during Trump rally in El Paso.

A cameraman for a BBC reporter was shoved during Trump’s rally in El Paso. The media stage was surrounded by those in attendance. President Trump checked to see if the cameraman was okay, gave him a thumbs up, and continued his rally.

Robert Hicks
Robert Hicks
Sullivas 1 year

A hard shove. Oh no.

mike 1 year

Don't see how this is news... some drunk guy pushes another guy. Arrest him if necessary and charge him appropriately... happens a dozen times a night in the bar I go to.

Sir_Kutz 1 year

“Violently attacked” “hard shove”

NPC#1337 T3H H0nkulAr
NPC#1337 T3H H0nkulAr 1 year

Mummy he shoved me!!!!! :( - I remember being fucking 5 years old.

Milkshake 1 year

BBC as a company started blackwashing ethnic groups in their shows from the 34 out of 44 European countries which were uninvolved in colonization and imperialism in Africa, Americas, and Middle East, some of which were even invaded and oppressed by Muslims, so it shouldn't surprise if blowback against their journalists and representatives starts getting upped up everywhere. Just because they look white, doesn't mean white guilt is something you can push on their specific background and culture, and Westerners ignorant of this nuance will start paying the price for their ignorance.

Sip N Speak
Sip N Speak 1 year

So a trump fan shoved a cameraman, and another trump supporter restrained him and escorted him off... so... what am I to make of this?

Tish Tosh
Tish Tosh 1 year

"President Trump, stop telling your people that we're lying to them. They're starting to figure out that its true and our ratings are going down oh nooooooo (Oh and crazy people attacking our employees are obviously your fault)" - All Media

Dust Phoxner
Dust Phoxner 1 year

Yet another hit piece if this ends up being true 10 bucks says the camera man provoked him. Also why BBC and not CNN.

Emperor Tito
Emperor Tito 1 year

Imagine if Antifa got this kind of media coverage.

Andrew 1010
Andrew 1010 1 year

Well handled by the security team and the campaign management. This was just a bad apple and should not serve as a means to overly generalize the behaviors of the President's supporters as I do believe they are very humble and caring people who generally wants what's best for their country which we agree we all want for things to improve.

Emperor Tito
Emperor Tito 1 year

So he did what Jim Acosta did......

filchface 1 year

This is horrible and so stupid. Amid all the fake attacks and made up stories about maga hat wearers, some bozo has to give them a true story to fuel their fire. Idiot redneck

Brett Ellis
Brett Ellis 1 year

Did he also say "This is MAGA country"

Wino-wisdom 1 year

Trump supporter, or paid maga hat wearing upstart to make the rest look bad... #youneverknow #spiesinmaga How's that conspiracy theory

Jake Middleton
Jake Middleton 1 year

Incredibly violent LOL

Prismarine 1 year

Serves them right tbf.

Allen Smith (AJ) 🇦🇺
Allen Smith (AJ) 🇦🇺 1 year

Boo frigging hoo 😥

Paul Flaherty
Paul Flaherty 1 year

Let's see. The man with the camera was doing something offensive to the attacker? The camera was what, uninvited? The attacker was drunk? The president was complicit? Who knows? These pesky trump rallies are just a thrill a minute.

AshLiamBerg 1 year

The left will brand all Trump supporters as violent thugs now but how dare we brand all Haitians as thieves and murderers right?

Robert 1 year

Yeah, don't do this. Are they over blowing it? Yes, but it's still a bad thing. Is violence sometimes necessary? Yes, but this wasn't one of those times. This was an unproductive, emotional outburst, I expect better from "my" side.

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