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TakeThePill 5 months
Teachers need to learn to code.
Starr 5 months
(User was banned for this post)
Vault Tec USA 5 months
He shouldn't be banned he's just voicing his opinion, even though for the most part it is incorrect
Star Alien 5 months
Just learn to code bro.

Cory Pritchard 5 months
All wages, including the federal minimum wage, should at the very least increase proportionally to cost of living and inflation every year.
TakeThePill 5 months
Dumbass, raising the minimum wage contributes greatly to inflation every year.
Vault Tec USA 5 months
No he's right it should increase show us general wage increase increases inflation?
Samuel Pearson MOD 5 months
@Alex The federal minimum wage has not increased in decades, yet inflation goes up and up and up. Minimum wage has NOTHING to do with inflation. Inflation is a function of the money supply and US buying power. Read a book.

JDeG 302 5 months
just teach the children
Samuel Pearson MOD 5 months
Bahahaha have you ever been a teacher?! It ain't that easy, bro. You try working 70 hours a week for $30k a year and see how long you're okay with it
Cory Pritchard 5 months
Hard to teach when you have to work multiple jobs and still worry about paying the bills. Hence why they are striking.

Vault Tec USA 5 months
These teachers deserve better wages they are treated terribly
TakeThePill 5 months
No, no they're not. I live in Colorado, so let me break this down for you. They get paid holidays, paid snow days, paid vacation, paid maternity leave, they're paid the entire three months they're off every summer, and benefit packages the likes of which most Americans won't ever get to have. Their salary is low, but that's because they have one of the easiest jobs you can go to college for. Teachers never made much, and they all knew it when they decided to become teachers. What exactly does this strike entail? Now they're refusing to teach the children they're paid to teach? And you do realize that since they're in a union, their strike is paid as well, right? Fuck the teachers. They need to learn to code.
Vault Tec USA 5 months
Teachers are barely paid, the majority of their salary goes to aspects of their jobs that they shouldnt have to even do. They're jobs are not nor ever will be easy, same as nurses. They deserve an actual raise where "superintendants" who can get nearly 300K a year just to sit on there ass and make protical that doesnt work and then ask the tax payers to pay for more aspects. You realixe theres been a major inflation current teachers have more skills to offer than boomer teachers but are being paid nearly the same. They dont have enough to support themselves. Its not an easy job at all so get your facts straight
Star Alien 5 months
Go off king.

seƱor spooky 5 months
wE NEed CoMMuniSM

Hannibal 5 months
From Reuters: "higher pay with a salary structure focused less on performance bonuses and more on cost-of-living increases." And that's from a sympathetic news article! It tells you everything you need to know about public-sector unions.

MightyMargulis 5 months
teachers are spoiled and teacher unions are illegal by federal law that forbids government employees from forming unions. thats why Wisconsin was able to ban teacher unions.
Vault Tec USA 5 months
teachers are not spoiled

Mister Brown 5 months
Stupid teachers, wanting money for their work.

DKO 5 months
Just abolish public schools, give vouchers so the families can choose who educates their kids. Let the free market decide how much a teacher is worth.

Miles O'Brien 5 months
After years of mouthing vacuuous catch phrases about valuing education and "building a better future for our children", all the while cutting teachers salaries, increasing class sizes and blaming teachers for the results of watered down curricula, how is anyone shocked at teachers striking for more money and respect?

Der Rikmeister 5 months
"On strike for our students"?! Nice of them to hide their demand for more money behind children.

Al3xK 5 months
Here we go again...