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david toh 2 weeks
meh. only 2. threshold for dems is 10

Seth Napier 2 weeks
Uh oh that's 2. Gotta believe them now right??

Matrim Helmsgaard (Mrperrific) 1 weeks
I really love when the dems dig their own graves. either he did rape and the witch hunt for rapists finally got him. or he didn't and the belive all women agenda will make the left eat him up. s'goodinnit

Christopher Harbutt 2 weeks
So she slandered him. Destroy or at least taint a mans reputation and deny him the opportunity to clear is name in court. Fuck #metoo.
Josh Ya 2 weeks
But what if he's guilty? Doh!
Vault Tec USA 2 weeks
Innocent till proven guilty Josh
VaasDC 1 weeks
on a jre podcast and a Facebook discussion group. I saw two chicks stating they disagree and it should be guilty until proven innocent and im gonna go with they weren't trolling...... and humanities slowly going back to the dark ages... or what I call technological dark age.

Michael Tatom 2 weeks
Good bye.

DarkWarrior633 1 weeks
If he says they are fake rape accusations dems will attack if he doesn't say they are fake then they are real and dems attack

T.N. Morgan 1 weeks
Evidence? Proof? Ah, no wait. It's the current year. We just gotta shut up and believe all wamens. Reap what you sow, Democrats.

Joe Blogs 1 weeks
Dems will have a hard time working out what to do with this one. On the one hand, we have to believe all women but on the other hand, he's a persecuted minority. What does the rule book say to do with this????

Ironic Funny Name 1 weeks
I like to imagine Virginia is like mad max rn

Virtual Signals 1 weeks
Rapists are scum, true. But at the current state of affairs it seems sexual assault (against a woman) is considered on par, if not worse, than murder.
StrangeCalibur 1 weeks
Murder victims don’t have to live with it the rest of their lives
SharkCat 1 weeks
I would rather be raped than murdered.
StrangeCalibur 1 weeks
That’s cause you have Male privilege

Brandon Barmett 1 weeks
How horrible there should be an investigation if it turns out to be false put those girls in prison.

Josh Ya 2 weeks
She's been paid off.

Curtis Adams 1 weeks
He was confronted by journalists that say video shows him buck naked on the bathroom floor, he replied It Wasn't Me

Jay Orzecki 1 weeks
Wish I could decide whether I should lose my job or not, Especially for something so abhorrent as sexual assault.... This is just more proof that justice and accountability is not something the wealthy and/or powerful need to concern themselves with. The rest of us can be stopped and arrested for virtually no reason at all, but rape someone while your in the government and its just a speed hump in their careers. The latest addition to the Supreme Court knows what I'm talking about eh...
Emilios Georgiou 1 weeks
VaasDC 1 weeks
latest addition to the supreme court? you mean the innocent man Brett.. odd youd use an innocent man's name as an example here.. after all its innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. she didnt provide a shred of evidence, her witnesses backed out. the woman who claimed to be jane doe in the beginning( when jane doe was actually Ford at first.) admitted to lying and using that as ploy and tactic to prevent hes nomination. I'm still st a loss how any idiot can still think Ford was telling the truth all not seeing that whole situation was just a political ploy. they've figured out how to weaponize me too for politics. provide an accusation as vague as possible, no evidence, no date, no previous history. deny pressing charges. and let the new mass hysteria take over.
VaasDC 1 weeks
I dont understand how people still talk about Brett being guilty when nothing was provided to demonstrate his guilt... wasnt a trail. so therefore the innocence concept applies and he is presumed innocent... full stop. end of story.

VaasDC 1 weeks
oh boy oh boy oh boy.. what's he gonna say. I saw a clip he was saying the first was false and that hes not surprised at the timing for it to come out. depending what he says he gets castrated.. it's like a special on Maury or Jerry Springer.

Von Mueller 1 weeks
Innocent until proven otherwise. UNLESS YOU ARE RIGHT OF CENTER
VaasDC 1 weeks
I've seen people argue. guilty till proven innocent, and I'll admit twas the first time I felt like murdering someone.

Drago5313 1 weeks
And another one and another one and...

liberty Ann 1 weeks
So now we just have her word against his. What if he's innocent? What if she got paid by the right wing blog knowing she would never have to prove her allegation? This also makes things more difficult for actual victims.
VaasDC 1 weeks
how dare you question wahmens. do you not know? wahmens never lie. believe no matter what. itll be true if your believe as hard as you can.

Andre Gerard 1 weeks
Is she called Julie Swetnick?

Curtis Adams 1 weeks
he's hoping it'll just "blow" over