Twitter CEO says his and other tech firms have not combated online abuse

Twitter CEO says his and other tech firms have not combated online abuse

Jack Dorsey, CEO at Twitter, said on Tuesday that Silicon Valley companies, including his own, have not done enough to protect victims of online abuse. Dorsey acknowledged that the progress made in addressing this issue has been scattered and not enough. He said the company has been investing heavily to improve the ’collective health’ of Twitter.

Maggie Rose
Maggie Rose 1 year

So Jack wants to improve users’ online experience? How about starting by cutting the double standards. Twitter allowed calls for doxing and death of teenaged boys whose only crime was smiling while standing still. And yet they ban those who tweeted the phrase journos have themselves used, “learn to code”. Jack you have absolutely no credibility.

Robert 1 year

This doublespeak for "we need to ban more conservatives"

IIZard 1 year

When you define abuse as Conservative thought you wonder why you're banning most of your platform.

Lumpy 1 year

honestly if you want to improve peoples online mental health, Twitter should be destroyed with fire.

Nicolas Parson
Nicolas Parson 1 year

They say it's a C, they are way to fool of themselves thinking they are that ahead. I don't understand how the company that deliberately ignores some issues after attempting to fix others of the same problem think they are this successful in solving the issue. Twitter applies rules to people they enjoy not to all their users, just admit you have a problem and fix it, actually fix it and get ride of the unreliable staff. Just my thought.

MT144 1 year

jack is a duplicious snake

U WOT M8 1 year

There is a block button. Seems like you have done enough to me.

AlexJ 1 year

Oh yeah, because you caused it.

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