Kim Jong Un is upgrading North Korea’s pop culture

Kim Jong Un is upgrading North Korea’s pop culture

North Korean pop culture is reportedly getting a major upgrade under leader Kim Jong Un. The changes are being seen in aspects including television dramas, animation programs to the variety and packaging of consumer goods. Experts debate whether this is a defensive attempt to keep up with South Korea or an indication that Kim is willing to embrace aspects of Western consumer culture.

Kristofer Brown
Kristofer Brown 1 year

The hot new song thats #1 on North Korea's Music Charts: Nuke'em Style.

Aight Bradley
Aight Bradley 1 year

Can he start feeding his citizens first?

Ognar 1 year

I suppose the right shoes and pop song may help one forget they are starving and may be raped or killed at the governments discretion, but I have yet to see those shoes or hear that song...

Mr. Guevara
Mr. Guevara 1 year

Ha. Gay!

David James
David James 1 year

the Trump/Rodman effect. Kim wants to hang out with the cool kids

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