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Pelosi says Waters shouldn’t apologize for ’confrontational’ remark

Pelosi says Waters shouldn’t apologize for ’confrontational’ remark

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi defended Rep. Maxine Waters around her comments urging protesters to ’stay on the street and get more active’ in the event that Derek Chauvin is acquitted of murder for the death of George Floyd. ’I don’t think she should apologize,’ Pelosi said defending Waters. ’Maxine talked about confrontation in the manner of the civil rights movement,’ she added.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 3 weeks

Waters can apologize or not, that is irrelevant. She clearly incited lawless behavior and showed that she is unfit for public office. She should be impeached.

The Oracle8191
The Oracle8191 3 weeks

"BREAKING: Judge Cahill states Maxine Waters may have given the defense basis to overturn the entire trial on appeal. Nelson said she threatened the jury." It's almost as if she knew this would happen and if a mistrial declared, everything is going to flare up.

jon 3 weeks

Who cares what Pelosi or Waters have to say? It's high time both of these terrorist b!t<#es get thrown out of Congress and into jail for inciting and funding months of nonstop violence in the streets.

Sigfried 3 weeks

WARNING! WARNING! Double standard detected. Analysis indicates Orange Man Bias. Waters statements inherently equal if not greater to speech readily called incitement made by Trump immediately prior/during Capitol Riot. Arming memes for deployment. Log ends.

Seekster 3 weeks

If what Trump said was enough to incite violence then by that standard so is what Waters said.

Convict 3 weeks

... pelosi realizes that they are the "powers that be", right? Does she think that she's a freedom fighter against the institution? Because she is the institution, and i feel like she doesn't recognize that fact.

A user you may know
A user you may know 3 weeks

How cn anyone support Pelosi? It boggles my mind. She is a snake in human skin. She lies and postures nonstop. She is literally saying a call to violence is not a call to violence. She wants you to ignore your ears and eyes.

Glen 3 weeks

Hard to imagine that people voted for these insane Demacrats. Americans way of life is in extreme danger. When congressional delegates promote terrorism. Its like their pushing for a civil war. This is pure insanity.

ttocsick 3 weeks

This isn't the first time she's done this. The precedent has been set with president Trump. If he can be impeached for what he said on January 6th, which wasn't incitement by definition in the world of reality, auntie Maxine should also have to face the same standard of persacution. Her comments were specific to uncivilized behavior that she encouraged. Not even a matter of opinion, unless she doesn't know the definitions of the words she uses. Redefining, reimagining...the left engages in pretend and make believe like children. Too many cgi super hero movies. "News flash!!!"...comic books are for children.

Neves7561 3 weeks

I legit cant decide which of these 2 sociopaths did more damage to America in the last decade

John 3 weeks

If she wanted to incite violence, she would have told them to march ‘peacefully & patriotically’. Simple.

John 3 weeks

Hay, give Waters a brake, she's a passed off bitch who's sexuality frustrated because she's sooo ugly even a freight train wil jump it's tracks

Pete 3 weeks

Fo off Nancy!

Stefan 3 weeks

Of course these two senile hags will support each other. It’s funny to follow this from Europe. Once great country of yours has turned into an Absurdistan, on it’s way to to become 3rd world country. Great job!

Jon 3 weeks

This story should read: White supremacist Republican appointed Cahill attacks Maxine Waters first amendment rights.

Aleks 3 weeks

You rac.ists tools. Where were you when Trump did this all the time 100x more than a simple member of congress? And he was the president... You guys sti.nk your outrage now shows how rotten you are...

Bryan_with_a_why 3 weeks

No need for either to apologize. They need to be in jail.

Marshall 3 weeks

dont apologize for sedition?

Patrick 3 weeks

It's time to cancel Pelosi now.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 3 weeks

Silence is violence, Nancy.

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