Sports store that boycotted Nike over Colin Kaepernick ads forced to close

Sports store that boycotted Nike over Colin Kaepernick ads forced to close

A sporting goods store in Colorado is going out of business after it stopped selling Nike products over the company’s controversial campaign with Colin Kaepernick. Owner Stephen Martin confirmed the store Time Sports, in Colorado Springs, is shuttering its doors after 21 years. Martin equated a sports store without Nike products to ’a milk store without milk or a gas station without gas’.

CoLpOeSnED 1 year

so.. people only bought nikes from that store?

Jake Middleton
Jake Middleton 1 year

Definitely news worthy

Der Rikmeister
Der Rikmeister 1 year

I guess that one store in Colorado closing proves that Kaepernick was on the right side of history. /s

AW1990 1 year

so Nike has a monopoly on sporting goods is what they ate telling us?

FirstCensorshipThenJail 1 year

He could not get Adidas that was the problem. Nobody is buying Nike, look at the data. Nike had become a third rate product at a top shelf price. Adidas out selling Nike product close to 2 to 1.

ConcealCarryProtect 1 year

Under Armour at least makes boots for police. I support that.

Robert 1 year

Notice the other article about Payless shoes? All retail stores are in trouble.

Andre Lavictoire
Andre Lavictoire 1 year

no it's telling you the owner knows shit about business and let politics ruined his business. his choice his doing. bye bye

Vincent Kozic
Vincent Kozic 1 year

So this guy just let his baby of 21 years go under because he couldn't help but to mischaracterize Kaepernick's campaign. Is this guy going to kick himself when the common understanding is that Kaepernick not only was trying to use the NFL's viewership size to bring attention to injustices in the form of police brutality against his fellow Americans, but consulted with a veteran before even doing it on the best way to protest WITHOUT disrespecting the military? My prediction is that he is going to convince himself otherwise even in the face of having to explain to his children why he doesn't have a business to hand down to them. Well, at least he's living by Nike's new slogan; 'Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything'.

AY-MO mk2
AY-MO mk2 1 year

Shame that, maybe that cunt Colin will subsidise him?

FoodNotBombs 1 year


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