German economy barely avoids a recession

German economy barely avoids a recession

Germany has narrowly avoided a technical recession after it posted flat growth in the fourth quarter. Preliminary data showed growth of 0.0 per cent in the fourth quarter from the previous quarter. The flat fourth quarter data shows that Germany has narrowly avoided a recession, defined as two consecutive quarters of declining growth.

TheBornOfFire 1 year

they should do a war.

Tom Huxley
Tom Huxley 1 year

Funny that, the Germans are more than happy to throw any other country under the bus financially but they somehow manage to save themselves..

Robert Leather
Robert Leather 1 year

EU Remain fans - Germany has the strongest economy and we don't want to leave that union. News - Germany on knife edge to major recession. EU Remain fans - ............

Boudica 1 year

the future is female

AlexJ 1 year

I thought hitler 2.0 would do better.

mawfu 1 year

Announcing that you just missed a recession is not a good look.

Jus Saying
Jus Saying 1 year

Get Woke Go Broke!

Jack King
Jack King 1 year

the rothschilds are putting a squeeze on our economies, soon a mass purging of assests will occure as the dollar collapses they will switch over to the russian currency or chinese and start their bloodsucking again, hopfuly they do what the US and England should have done and burn their banks and string up the slavers in charge. the banks are your enemy dont be a slave to their worthless paper.

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