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OAN fires staffer who called out the network over voter fraud lies

OAN fires staffer who called out the network over voter fraud lies

OAN has fired a producer who recently went on the record with the NYT to criticize the cable channel’s handling of the 2020 election. Marty Golingan, a senior news producer, told NYT recently that it would be a ’badge of honor’ should he end up getting fired for speaking out in the story. ’I’ve given up my journalistic integrity already, and to be fired, that would make me feel good,’ he said.

Alex 3 weeks

The only news source I trust right now are Veritas and other independents.

Rocket 3 weeks

Unless someone can actually PROVE OANN was reporting false information, this PATHETIC PUNK (FAKE "journalist") was just BRIBED to come out with this FAKE story to a KNOWN PROPAGANDA GARBAGE HEAP, New York Times, which has been caught REPEATEDLY making up PURE BULLSHIT, then citing "anonymous sources."

Andrew Montague
Andrew Montague 3 weeks

Eh, good for him I guess. I'm pretty sure everybody knows OAN is unbelievably partisan to the point of parrody, so outing them is hardly a huge achievement.

J “dr love” S
J “dr love” S 3 weeks

If you read the headline on the actual article you can tell it's opinion. Nobody ever investigated the election this time despite the issues. We got one last time over nothing. You can't call it fake news until you can prove it one way or the other. Surprising lack of interest in getting to the truth

VenusFallen 3 weeks

All the Trumpet snowflakes are gonna be in these comments using caps lock and checking their Hannity talking points while forgetting what "burden if proof" is. Hint: verify your own sources. Fox and CNN are garbage propaganda machines. Get your news from solid independent sources.

Michael 3 weeks

Of course, they scream freedom of speech and they are for the people but then they silence their employees and fire them....just like the #traitorous communists they are.

Joe 3 weeks

Hey he called them out good. He can find another job. OANN and NEWSMAX really fell for the trump garbage. They are literally no better than MSNBC or CNN.

Louie Fillet
Louie Fillet 3 weeks

Imagine going on CNN to speak about network fraud. Lol. The Corporate Press is the Enemy of the People.

Sigfried 3 weeks

Gives up his journalistic integrity, feels bad about it, so he goes to another place with deteriorating journalistic integrity to complain about his loss of journalistic integrity. Seems legit.

John 3 weeks

Good for him more people need to stand up and tell the truth,it has to start somewhere and the best place is the source

Robert Griffis
Robert Griffis 3 weeks

Sounds like a BS story. Only carried by propagandist "media," aka the CIA.

Elven 3 weeks

He was a leftist infiltrating OAN. He wanted to get fired. You'll see him on CNN next week.

Scott Hallinan
Scott Hallinan 3 weeks

Well they're propaganda trash so not expecting much.

Prince Azmiran
Prince Azmiran 3 weeks

He went to NYT, a former news organization, now propoganda outlet. Yeah sure he seems trustworthy alright.

Thomas 3 weeks

Congratulations you can have your journalistic integrity back!

snarley 3 weeks

I wonder why no one on the right wants to talk about this?

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 3 weeks

We are suppose to believe the NYT, a former newspaper, but for God’s sake don’t believe Project Veritas.... even though they have video.

Jon 3 weeks

If you can't beat em join em.

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